April Fools Day

Last Update: April 01, 2014

Here we are April 1, 2014 April Fools Day. So I'm really curious about how many people read Kyle's post this morning and how many of you fell for it? The tittle caught my eye immediately, "It's Been A Fun Ride We're Stepping Down". I started reading it and was in total disbelieve. It was so off the wall because there had been no sign of, or indication that something like this could possibly happen. It caught me off guard, it hit me like a brick wall, I just wasn't ready for this.

I couldn't even finish reading the post. I had to call out to my girlfriend to come and see this. She sat beside me and I started reading aloud from the beginning. A couple of times she was almost brought to tears by Kyle's words. We were both blown away but at the same time it was so believable. I know that Kyle and Carson must be consumed by WA and the toll it can take on family life especially when they have brand new babies. I know how it is, I've been there and done that.

Towards the end of his post We've already taken the bait. The hook was in our mouth and set. The set up was brilliant, I must admit. Now Kyle is about to introduce us to the new leaders of WA with their photos. Here it gets interesting. He makes you scroll down for a mile to see the pictures of the new CEO & COO of WA. In the time that it takes to scroll down, which in reality is only a few seconds, a little light in my head goes on telling me this has to be a joke. Not even realizing it's April Fools Day. I say to my girlfriend, "watch, it'll probably be a couple of monkeys.

The problem is it was too late to make a recovery. We had already swallowed the hook and Kyle had made sure it was well set. And sure enough there were the words in bold capitol letters APRIL FOOLS! GOTCHAAAAA! There was no getting away as he reeled in a couple of whoopers. We fell for it so hard, it almost wasn't funny, but in retrospect it was hilarious.

So, how many of you fell for it like I did? I know I'm not the only one.

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OldCodger Premium
That was definitely the work of Master Copywriters! Totally credible. They would have researched all the keywords on Jaaxy, of course!
:) G!
Bill67 Premium
It was well done LOL thanks they got us all
Karyskis Premium
He was definitely believable, but I had a good idea because Jay did something like this last year ;) I loved the pictures of the babies though.
Melanie1508 Premium
I did also. :)
DBSTAR Premium
I did!!!!!