Value of Stock Photos

Last Update: October 08, 2015

Hey Folks,

I'm a big fan of high resolution stock photos that don't look like they are from the 90's. Finding photos that fit your brand, culture, and niche are a must.

I want to briefly address copyright infringement. No, you can't just go on google and take screen shots of any given relevant images.There are rules in this online wilderness. In online business that is called stealing. If you stole unknowingly just remove the photos, and do it now before your name gets called out.

When it comes to online business I think it makes total sense to use the best art and design you can find. Your going to pour hours of work and creativity into your posts and site, it would be so unfortunate for potential readers to move on to the next blog before reading yours because your site looks lame.

I do that, and you probably do to. I know we've been taught not to a judge a book by it's cover, but it seems to be human nature to pursue excellence and trust the peak of any given industry over something that looks mediocre or left over from yesterday.

Give yourself the best chance for success by using legit images that fit your brand, culture, and niche. (You don't want photos of cars on a cooking niche blog)

Create consistency and familiarity for your readers.

You can do this!

To Your Goals,


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AlexEvans Premium
This is really good advice Alex , strive for excellence . Awesome thanks for sharing .
Perspective Premium
Thanks Alexander!