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September 29, 2015
Hey Folks!I just wanted to share that I made my first $4.97.This is the most I've ever made from working online! Earlier this month I blogged about making some pocket change, but my first $.46 was just the start for September. I know it's small, humble, and very little to talk about but for myself it is a milestone.For those of you who are just getting started or are still contemplating pursuing a profitable blog don't give up!To creating online income,Alex
September 18, 2015
I'm stoked to announce I've already made some online income. It's my 2nd month blogging, and I've been watching some pocket change add up from my site! It was 46 Cents to be exact:) I would have been content with my first online income at 6 months or later, so this is super exciting. To the process of learning!Alex
September 14, 2015
My WA Story:-When I was first introduced to Wealthy Affiliate I thought it was a scam. I made sure to get past the scam review sites that only had positive reviews, and actually find the bad testimonials too. (I would do this for anything I consider joining) The bad testimonials (Deep, deep, deep down in Google) didn't seem to be too convincing, and I weighed them out with the fact that anyone in business will unfortunately have some critics. I slowly but surely with lots of research learned th
September 12, 2015
Hey Folks,I'm a big fan of high resolution stock photos that don't look like they are from the 90's. Finding photos that fit your brand, culture, and niche are a must.I want to briefly address copyright infringement. No, you can't just go on google and take screen shots of any given relevant images.There are rules in this online wilderness. In online business that is called stealing. If you stole unknowingly just remove the photos, and do it now before your name gets called out.When it comes to