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Last Update: October 08, 2015

My WA Story:

-When I was first introduced to Wealthy Affiliate I thought it was a scam. I made sure to get past the scam review sites that only had positive reviews, and actually find the bad testimonials too. (I would do this for anything I consider joining) The bad testimonials (Deep, deep, deep down in Google) didn't seem to be too convincing, and I weighed them out with the fact that anyone in business will unfortunately have some critics. I slowly but surely with lots of research learned that it wasn't a scam.

-Then I thought WA was a Pyramid Scheme, because some people promote the affiliate program in a way that feels like a MLM product. I learned though that it's an affiliate program that has no MLM incentives.

-After crossing those two off the list I felt better, but was still skeptical.

-I figured if it was free it couldn't hurt, and joined. Then the anonymity of users threw me into caution again, and I quickly made changed my username from my real name since I saw that was common. I moved past the anonymity although a little hesitant again, and decided to study on.

-I found that there really are some great resources here for beginners and people who truly want an engaging community for help. There really are some folks who are here to learn, grow, build up others, and give a helping hand while pursuing online business. I love this, and it's the reason why I am still here and writing this.

-On the other hand I've seen some shady business ethics by individual members (Not WA itself). Stuff that just seems a little slanted or just not fully pure with integrity. This personally is the biggest thing that has given me reservation to inviting others here.

-I believe in the opportunity Wealthy Affiliate gives others to learn, grow, and be an amazing community. I think it's what people are searching for. I see people finding that and other people giving that too, and because of that I am inspired and still trying to give the program a fair shake.

I hope we'll choose to think of our readers and future customers as real people and not dollar signs. Let's choose to treat people in business the way we'd want to be treated.

All in all I believe this is great place to start learning. Whether you find yourself here short or long term should be dependent on your business goals and the direction you find yourself pursuing.

My suggestion would be to learn all you can, and be dead set on being yourself. Try to avoid group think and do your best to be the creative you others in the world are looking for.

Bottom Line:

Here's what I really like:

That this a place full of resources for people to get started blogging and learning how to run an online business.

That there are actual real people from novice to veteran available to walk with you and help you on your own online expedition.

The affiliate program itself is a great way to make money while providing resources and help to others.

The perk on this program is that it has value and it is residual, which is a great way to make re-occuring income while sharing a product that will serve others.

What I don't love:

Like I said I've seen some shady business ethics, but I don't think they speak for the overall community itself.

The continuous not "Is it a scam" site and method. I just believe there is more opportunity and creativity hidden in folks that could be drawn out and displayed on their sites.

To Your Goals,


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max16 Premium
I truly like your take on this! Well written! I agree that our perspective, goals should be "help others! and it will change your world"
Perspective Premium
Thanks Max!
ZaZan Premium
I came here to learn. I didn't have the skills to get my own business website off of the ground and my own personal blog. So I had given up. In the process of learning I am taking advantage of all facets of potential online income skills available here. On some of my sites I use an androgynous pseudonym because I have a big online presence in my day job industry and anonymity is key. If I want to learn about niche marketing, I don't want to make my mistakes and errors within my industry. But even behind a different handle, I do not speak untruths on my marketing sites. Ive discovered that the skills I am learning here are skills learned by doing, by implementation, persistence and perseverance. I think that is the shadiest thing I do-the pseudonym thing. But for you guys here, yes that is my real picture and yes that is my nickname, so I'm pretty candid within WA. (btw-I never post an About Me photo on my pseudonym sites-that's going too far. Yes, that takes away from "personalization" but it would be downright fraud to use someone else's pic, in case you were wondering.)
Perspective Premium
Thank you for sharing!

I'm totally new to the world of online business and I keep learning about how much more I don't know:)

The pseudonyms make a lot of sense for individuals who are in your case and other circumstances. And while they initially made me cautious I see their value and benefit too.
ZaZan Premium
Yeah, once Im up and running I will do without them. But for now I need to be careful...cause there is that survival thing. lol.
JimPhelps Premium
Hi Alex. I joined WA to find the technical and motivational support to build my brand. I want to market my message - not have the marketing be my message. I think a lot of folk get that confused. I'm a seasoned editor and I think we should always focus on the reader by ensuring the integrity of our message. I really appreciate your comments here because I think you've providing me as a reader value. Thanks!
Perspective Premium
Hey Jim,

Thank you for sharing!

It's so cool to hear why you and others have joined WA. I've definitely learned a lot since being here too. I wish you best on your editing and business goals!