Starting Out

Last Update: August 07, 2016

I am new to writing, so I am not sure what I am doing. So bare with me. Been watching everyone intently and they all make me feel at home here. That tells me this is the place I want to be.

I started out with the main training and made it to lesson 3. when I was looking for a niche Kyle suggested I go through the Affiliate Bootcamp first. Interested in making money online. Being a wide niche I decided to see if I can help other retired people make money with WA. They will be able to find all the help they need here.

Working on the Affiliate Boot camp now trying to put my website together. So I now have my work cut out for me. With all the people here I should be able to get all the help I can. It is time to get on with the training now. Talk to you next time.

PS Let me know how I did.

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WilliamBH Premium
Congratulations on your first blog!
AlexEvans Premium
Good job Daniel, congratulations you are on your way, I think writing doesn't fall into our laps like everything it is a work in progress which we all get better at the more we practice.
percispapa Premium
Thanks your comment is greatly appreciated
trailhound Premium
Great to see your first blog, Daniel. The hardest part is getting started, and you succeeded at that. Congratulations!
Good fortune
Maine3623 Premium
Good luck Percispapa
KathR Premium
Hi Daniel,
Firstly....Great work. I have yet to write my first blog...what to say uno. Am also going through the boot camp program, there is soo much to learn. Go at your own pace & all the best :) you'll do great.
percispapa Premium
Thanks Kath and I know you will do well also