A Passion too Technical - Or how to get bored with what you love

Last Update: September 30, 2019

I chose my niche because I like to ride a bicycle.

So I had to start blogging on this topic, like everyone else: Choose a Niche, start writing, and that's it, right?

But the problem I have now is that it is becoming very technical. I find myself looking for information on the type of tires, the quality of the frames, the shoes somebody should wear, the numer of miles you can do with the breaks you have, and I feel that has nothing to do with what I like.

Has this happened to you?

This reminds me of a friend who loves electronic devices, and what did he do? He started studying electronic engineering!

When he was finishing his engineering degree, he realized that it has nothing to do with the love of electronic devices.

Well, that's what is happening to me.

Am I wrong in the way I´m facing it? Or is it a logical and obvious process?

Do we have to go from the passion of "doing" to becoming an expert in technical matters?

I would like to hear if you have gone through this process. Or their passion was so great that they are already experts in the subject.

In short, my passion is becoming something else.

Thank you so much and I would love to hear your experience with this.


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Joes946 Premium
Pablo, it's okay to be technical. Focus on your niche like a laser. If you feel that focusing on bike supplies (helmet, parts, mountain climbing, etc.) will enhance your niche, by all means do it. Don't let yourself get distracted or sidetracked from your main niche.
Go for it.
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you so much Joe, I can see what you mean. But yes, I think I need to "embrace" the fact that I will have to learn and study more that just "doing it". (like just riding), right?
Joes946 Premium