I figured Out My Niche: Agriculture

Last Update: August 16, 2018

I have been a member pf WA for awhile and it took me some time to figure out my niche. 5 months ago I decided to get back into farming, not just Cannabis but also growing my own food, but also as a business. Then it hit me that farming has been part of my life as a kid helping my Grandpa on our family farm and working in the pineapple fields in Hawaii. Our house being surrounded by sugar cane. Today I see Wealthy Affiliate as a way to get back into farming in a different way. Use power of Affiliate Marketing to help build my brand and help other agri businesses with their social media and how to bring Affiliate Marketing as part of their farming operations. It took me about a couple minuteds to build my site here which I am working on now. Akamai Farms will grow vegetables and fruits using hydroponics and aeroponics and also help other farmers build their brand thru Affiliate Marketing and Social Media. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing group of people, thank you for your support!

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firstlearn Premium
Sounds like a great niche to be in.

Godsmack12 Premium
That's an awesome niche. It's going to rock.
SashaGator Premium
Awesome your niche sounds very interesting. Your niche will for sure help out communities! You help the farmers and the farmers will provide more for their communities. That is amazing keep it up!