My Articles, My Children, My Labor Of Love.

Last Update: January 19, 2015

When writing an article for my website, I imagine it is a lot like having a child.( I say imagine because I have never had any nor do I plan to ) If I understand the process correctly( from seeing it on television and listening to my relatives narrations ) it is alternately intensely painful or quick and painless. Labor can be quick or long and intensive. ( By the way I am in labor right now but needed a little break )

I have made a pact with myself to publish every three days. For the most part I am able to achieve this particular goal and I indulge in a feeling of immense satisfaction. Other times I don't get it done. ( no satisfaction except I finally do get it accomplished )

i endeavor to write with some sort of order and organization. For some reason this is not particularly effective. I have a tendency to get distracted, ( in any number of ways, T.V., gaming reading, research, whatever ) or need to do something around the house or with my mom. ( Yes I live with my mom, What of it? ) And I try to give her my undivided attention when she drops by the "office" ( my bedroom ) for a chat or whatever.

Understand I am not complaining, I love my life at home with mom, and this is one of the motivating reasons I converted to working online instead of working for "the man." The other reason being I do it at my own pace and in my own way. This means I pretty much spend most of my time hovering over the key board pounding on the keys. ( I was doing that anyway and it wasn't productive at all. ) I figured I better find a way to make money doing this or mama might make me go get a job. ( cringe )

So nothing much has changed except now I am making money to play on my computer all day. Some days I go out and do things. You know run errands, go shopping etc.( I am not chained here or anything like that. ) It seems like an all day thing when in reality it's more like a little here a little there and I like it that way just fine.

But I digress. Except I really do have a point to all of this. Fixin' to make it right now.

Back to the "having a baby analogy", Each child is different in so many ways, The intricacies of birth, personality, temperament, But we love them all the same (or we try to) At times we may question our sanity, or wonder where we went wrong. They are our greatest source of love and amusement, or ultimately our greatest source of pain, But still we love them. Often times we are proud of them, and sometimes they drive us up the f****** wall. But in the end we hope they will turn out alright. And we never ever give up on them. (or we shouldn't )

Each article is different in it's own little way. Some we labor over intensely, some slip out quick and easy, However it is never a good idea to stop and throw in the towel. You wouldn't stop in the middle of labor would you? ( like that would even be possible )

The challenge lies in the way we raise them and how we go about it.

Always remember with a little love and patience everything should turn out pretty good in the end.

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BillDugger Premium
Polly, I like the way you think. That being said I believe we can understand each other or I you. Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Bill
MarionBlack Premium
I like the way you write, Polly. Your articles must be very interesting to read. ~Marion
pbar47 Premium
Oh thank you Marion>I certainly hope they are
Larry MaC Premium
Good points and very interesting.
pbar47 Premium
I was inspired because I am still in labor over a particular article I am determined to write. Glad you enjoyed the read
MarineMom Premium
A well written and meaningful blog. Thank you for taking the time to share with the community.
pbar47 Premium
You are very welcome