2018 Black Friday Was My Best Decision Yet

Last Update: November 29, 2019

I was a month old when Black Friday notifications were all over my inbox and dashboad at WA. Back then I didn't know much about the Black Friday thing. But I didn't want to miss the 49% discount. It is actually $0.82 cents per day to host and run your full online business. And later I have learned that this is the lowest price ever in the industry. And the amazing things is that you will be grandfathering this amount.

That time I didn't earn enough to pay my bills but I thought if I am serious about learning and building my online business, then I had to sacrifice and took the risk.

So, to cut the long story short, I took up WA Black Friday promotion in 2018.

The funny thing was I didn't know how and when to make that amount, $299.00.

After following through the step by step training provided here at WA and completing all the tasks, the idea of making real money online became clearer.

Within the first six months of toiling and progressing through the training at WA, I was able to make some real money online through the following steams.

1. WA referrals.

2. Google adsense

3. Amazon

4. Commission Junction and other affiliate programs.

Here are some of my success stories.



My last commission from WA as follows. And there is another $150.00 to be sent.

There is no regret being a firstimer and a newbie in the online affiliate marketing space. Its all about taking the risk and business is all about taking the risk.

I took the risk and recovered my $299.00 within the first six months of my learning experiences here at WA. The other six months were bonus for me. I am still learning and building and earning at the same time. It is really amazing experiences, which I had never thought of at first.

If you are undecided and panicing about wheather to take up WA Black Friday Promotional Offer. Think again. It may not come again. Don't let these few days go by with regrets. I can assures you that you can make five times more than you spend in a year and even more.

I wish you all a happy shopping!



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Babou3 Premium
Really great!
You make a wonderful job and
it is just the begin.

PaulMondo Premium
Thanks Ingrid.

Mick18 Premium
Congrats, Paul you are doing wonderful.
WA Black Friday deal is the way to go.
Have a great weekend,
PaulMondo Premium
Thank you Mickey.

Yeah, you are right.

Blessed weekend to you.
PeteKane91 Premium
excellent work my mate!
PaulMondo Premium
Thanks mate.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great success that you've achieved here, Paul--and everyone can do the same--that's the wonderful part of it all!

PaulMondo Premium
That's right Jeff. If a person of zero level of knowledge and know hows with online affiliate marketing can make it here at WA, that means its possible for anyone to achieve success here at WA.