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Last Update: February 12, 2017

I wanted to write about writing a successful blog. I have had a few people in my group of friends ask for this blog. How do you do it? Can you earn money writing a blog? Yes, you can earn money writing blogs. This could be for your website or for an affiliate website, It is really easy writing blogs, especially when you enjoy it.


Anyway, let’s get to writing a successful blog. The first step to writing a blog is having specific topic to write about. This could be about anything that interests those on your site. It has to be on a topic that you have researched or are passionate about. This also has to be a topic (niche) that will engage your website visitors. You can make it about something related to selling a product or service.


Regardless of the reason you are writing this blog. You can easily write a blog. The biggest question I have is .....have you done your research? This is the starting point of writing a blog. You need to have as much information about the topic in which you are writing your blog about. You need to be able to go into as much detail as possible about the topic you are writing about. The devil is in the details!


The next important detail in writing a successful blog is keywords. This is what is going to predict if your blog is a flop or an extreme success. Why you ask? The topic specific keywords is what gets your blog ranked in Google. If this is a blog that is going on your website. This is what will get you ranked in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords are what people put into the search bar, when searching for a specific topic. This is why it is important to pick topic specific keywords.This is what determines how the website that has the topic specific keywords will be ranked by Google. Keywords are more important than you will ever know.

You are going to be integrating these topic specific keywords into the blog you are writing. You are essentially building your blog around these keywords. Keywords will help you in making your mark not only in your blog.....but also on the website where it is going.

Be careful in how you use your keywords. The blog should have free flowing keywords in the blog. Trying to overuse keywords, or using them too much will get you penalized by Google.

Where do you search for keywords? If You don’t have a keyword tool, you can search online for a keyword tool to get you started, especially if you are just starting out, in the wonderful world of blogging.


Now for the next part...what else is there you ask? You need to choose the media for the blog. This is also important, picking out media specific images to go with your blog

The best place to look for these images is a royalty free site. I use pixabay.com for my website images.

Writing the blog

Now let’s get to writing the blog. You need to pull everything together. let’s gather together all the research & keywords to write this blog. Be sure to be as specific about the details of the blog you are writing. once finished you can edit the blog. I like to run all the blogs I write through Microsoft office Word, for the purpose of editing My finished blogs.

Once finished editing, You can publish the blog to Your website. Then You can add Your media images to complete the process.

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