Springing it up

Last Update: April 08, 2018

Spring into action

Did winter leave? The sun shines so strongly and the air is warm. Plants are coming too.

The stick trees showing buds have bloomed brightly. Leaves are forming and filling in quickly, structure and shade are developing something interesting. Bugs and bees are returning in ever-increasing groups.

A single bumble bee boldly investigates every tree and every flower, as to put first claim to this here turf!

Time to grow strong

If you're going to do it, Then give it your all and give your best. You have this one chance to grow out of your shell. Make something glorious, personal, unique to you, for every individual has something to add, say, do and be.

Complete that life cycle

Finish what you have created, flower and have seeds to fuel your next adventure. It doesn't end, it just grows again and again. We can't do it alone though, so let the bees buzz about and help create something beautiful.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
We can all take a lot of lessons from nature, finding our natural rhythms can take us a long way Paul thank you for sharing your insights.