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November 30, 2018
Crushed and uprooted, my family was forced to sell our home on a very tight time line. We were trying not to be pushy on sellers, but found anxiety got the best of my wife and me.We managed to sell slightly more than what we paid for it, although through our haste we ruined our chance to sell it for much more.My family was homeless shortly after I under sold my plants, animals, shut down the aquatic systems, and putting those; including the rest of the household things in storage. Thankfully it
April 08, 2018
Spring into actionDid winter leave? The sun shines so strongly and the air is warm. Plants are coming too. The stick trees showing buds have bloomed brightly. Leaves are forming and filling in quickly, structure and shade are developing something interesting. Bugs and bees are returning in ever-increasing groups.A single bumble bee boldly investigates every tree and every flower, as to put first claim to this here turf!Time to grow strongIf you're going to do it, Then give it your all and give
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March 07, 2018
It was frigid damp day on the Island of Hawaii, well under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That day I had to wear shoes, long pants, and a shirt! My parents were actors participating in a play in a park in the woods. We children were left to our own devices. A wondering child I was that came upon a large pool of water. The surface shimmering and oddly moving about, there were black things wriggling around the shallows. Fish! Kind of big! I could grab one. I did and picked it up and looked; this black f