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Aloha WWW,

I grew up in land locked Oklahoma on a "Dirt Farm, Dumb as Dirt and Dirt Poor"... not a lot about me has changed. But, the WORLD we live in has become GLOBALLY small that I am meeting people from all over the world
and I haven't even left the farm.

I have to wonder as the world learns English, speaking several languages I
realize just how dumb I am...because I can't even speak good English and
my Mother was an English teacher; Dad a Social and History teacher. They both taught other course, too. But, just think about how GLOBALLY our world
has become and we as Americans in our Schools don't teach our children how
to speak fluently in any other language. Kyle, I think it is so GREAT that you
left our country to learn other languages. I wished I had the nerve to do some
thing like that when I GROW UP.

Why am I here on "WEALTHY AFFILIATE" as you can see I am trying to get
a better EDUCATION... With all the electronic gadgets that we use on a daily
basis, minute-by-minute and at a nano second speed. I feel like we are
moving and processing information at the speed of LIGHT, God's Speed. A
thought becomes an action, an action becomes a reality and "BOOM" you
have a whole new world to travel in. I guess I would like to travel like Kyle, Carson and Nathaniell but, I can't seem to get off the "DIRT FARM". A little
HELP! here would be nice. I hope I am at the right place WA. I am looking
for the EYE OF WA, to see as WA. I have to think about Mother, she new everything and if she didn't know it. She'd just think of something. Yeah, I am a MOMMA'S Boy. Gee, I miss her and love her very much. She was my
god here on PLANET EARTH. I'm sure she's helping out, running the Universe. Once and Educator always an Educator. Here at WA... I'd like to become an Educator helping people all over the WORLD. Like Kyle, Carson and Nathaniell and of course Mom and Dad, too. My role models.

Put me in "COACH" I'm ready to LEARN. So I can help the world pick and choose flowers that will last for an ETERNITY. Forever in my heart, I am from "LAND LOCKED MIDDLE AMERICA" once known as "INDIAN TERRITORY" I might have some Native American mixed with other blood. You guys ROCK! Thank you for helping me build a web based business about FLOWERS. That's why I am here at WA...

All My Best 2U,

Paul Bullard
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My first goal is to have someone read my profile and give me a nudge in the right direction of my NICHE... GUYS???
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Dec 19, 2016
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PaulBullard Premium
My first goal is to have someone read my profile and give me a nudge in the right direction of my NICHE... GUYS???
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GregHall1961 Premium
Thought you might like this Paul, hope you on't mind.
For you Paul Bullard...
PaulBullard Premium

Thank you, that is very kind of you

Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
PaulBullard Premium

Where'd you guys come from? This is where I get lost and confused. Can I follow all you by clicking on the GREEN button? And, what's with the REFRESH notation, if I click on it will it take me to all of your web sites? Do I dare? I am having a hard time keeping my cursor from floating off and I have to stop and retrieve it. I don't know how many times I have to start over to reply... Sorry, if it seems as if I have been ignoring you all. I just came across this wonder surprise to see you all there. So I am going for it and I'll click on your FOLLOW ME button.

Peace and Love

nathaniell Premium
Did you read the post below about "why follow people?". It's just a way to interact with the community.

As far as your cursor goes, that's going to be a PC problem, unrelated to WA I imagine.
PaulBullard Premium
zzzzzz. a hello again...

Yeah, love the inter action of the comments and answers to my ???
The WA community has embraced me and I am excited about what I have seen and learned in Kyle's classes. I am so very new to the typing and surfing with this out dated laptop of mine. I have a better understanding of the internet as a whole picture. I have spent most my life doing manual labor not a luxurious life of academic studies. Even my android phone is smarter than me.

nathaniell Premium
Interaction is a great way to get motivated to work on your website. Just don't get too distracted! LOL
Garden77 Premium
Hey man, dropping by to say I was stick with the boot camp and you'll be better every day. Greatest learning platform
nathaniell Premium
Hi Paul, Nathaniell here. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I'm glad to see you've signed up and are ready to get started.

Right now, there are just two things you need to know.

1) Those who ask questions interact with the community are far more likely to learn faster and meet their goals. The support here at WA is the best in the internet marketing industry...please take advantage of it.

2) You can get started learning how to make money by doing your Level 1 Certification Course. Click on the green "Get Started Here" button or just click this link Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1).

And don't forget that you can also access me for 1-on-1 support by leaving a message on my profile https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/nathaniell or by private message if you are a premium member.

There are a ton of other features you have access to right now, but they are explained in your main training linked above. Your #1 job right now is to get to lesson 1!

★ ★ ★ Access Your Bonuses! ★ ★ ★

I also wanted to let you know that if you join the premium membership in this 7 day window you'll get a TON of awesome stuff from me.

First off, you'll get a 59% discount ($19.95 for 1 month) on your membership. Twenty bucks for you first month of WA is an absolute steal.

☆ ☆ Bonus #1: Live Case Study 2 Part Webinar Series

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This will give you a broad overview of the type of site you will create on Wealthy Affiliate. I think it's always a good idea to know the direction you are headed before you start your journey.

☆ ☆ Bonus #2: Top 5 Newbie Mistakes And How To Fix Them

This includes some simple design tips, and answers to the most frequently asked questions by new WA members. This resource will help you bypass these common errors and get your affiliate website ready for making money.


If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask questions in Live Chat or on the training modules. I think you'll be surprised at how many people want to see you get started on the right foot!

PaulBullard Premium
Thank you Nathaniell.
nathaniell Premium
No problem Paul. Glad to see you are getting involved with the community asking questions. It'll definitely contribute to your success.
PaulBullard Premium
Hey Nathaniell

So glad your back. I wanted to check out your "One more cup of Coffee" website. I love coffee and I think they should make it clear so it doesn't stain my teeth. I am so glad that I went looking for answers about the Push Button Commission when I came upon you Post. Thx a Million Man... This is so much better; the community you guys have created... You my friend are an answer to my prayers. I haven't prayed in a long time but I do have a thread of Hope running in my head and heart. Yeah, it is about as big as a mustard seed.

Peace and Love,

caveman1981 Premium
Wow paul im not sure if yiu are following me on here or not but it seams like you are following me in the internet business venture or I'm following you or maybe it's just the fact that great minds think alike I looked into push button a few times but to me something doesn't seem right in their explanation and videos there's something missing when I looked at Wealthy Affiliate everything just seem to go together and when I did research I found one other company that may come close but I was unable to join that company. I've been doing reviews so this is not too far off from what I was doing online before but I do believe we are in the right place it almost looks kind of like Facebook and like you said it's a lot better because although it seems to be similar to the facebook environment as far as community based we're not just on here wasting hours I've tried going back to school several times and it has never worked out for me I just wish I would have tried this avenue instead of trying to go back to school because I think I would have succeeded a lot sooner not saying anything about school and I commend you for going and wish you luck on finishing I grew up dirt poor and was never the brightest crayon in the box if you know what I mean started working at 9 years old and done manual labor my whole life this is a turning point for me because I'm not as technologically knowledgeable as most people but at the same time I'm not a reader or a writer so I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone and the further along I get the more excited I get kind of like traveling out of country for me right after I'm done making this post I will also click the Follow me on your profile so we can keep in contact and learn the system together it's kind of cool too meet someone who is trying the same thing at the same time maybe the questions we ask in our own journeys will help each other kind of like graduating with the same class lol good luck I look forward to hearing from you again
PaulBullard Premium
Hey Caveman 1981

Your words are RICH n COLORFUL n LOVE your STYLE. Moved me to tears in a good way because I do see were you are coming from. Yeah, back in school at the WA University... let's do that... keep in touch as we travel this path we are on.
Thx for the insight and encouragement; right back at cha Brother.

God's Speed