Once upon a time

Last Update: May 08, 2020

Once upon a time when everyone get mixed up no matter the race or colour, shake hands together, embrace one another, and path each other's back without fear or doubt.

Many nations get locked down, economy crying for relief, people are scared of the unknown and we are forced to remain in absolute self detention call isolation, watching from our windows for the unprecidented enemy.

However while the scary unknown keep ravaging the world economy, and putting the innocent into isolation, the bold are getting stronger while in isolation creating new idea's in other to carry on, no matter what.

Nevertheless, no matter how strong is the unknown, it can't overcome the power of existence. The sun must shine.... The night must come and the day must surface. surely there must be light at end of the tunnel...

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JeffreyBrown Premium
There IS, Paul! We need only to patiently await it, my friend!