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Here's another Amazon Alert! I just received an email yesterday from Amazon Associates, informing all affiliates of a new change that is taking place IMMEDIATELY!!!!So, please take note.Here's a copy of what they had to say:Dear Amazon Associate, We are writing to notify you about a change to our policy regarding applicants to the Amazon Associates program. Effective immediately, applicants have 180 days, starting from when you applied to the program, to refer three or more qualified sales bef
September 01, 2017
Hi everyone? After seeing some of my Co-WA members getting canceled from Amazon from making personal purchases, it made me leery about ordering for myself too!Today, I emailed Amazon personally to ask the "BIG QUESTION" - How do I make a personal order without affecting my affiliate account in a negative way?!?Here's the reply I got:___________________________________________________________________Message From Customer Service Hello Paula,I'm sorry about the confu
July 10, 2017
How about that! I've earned my rank badge and have reached top 200 members in WA! How cool is that?!?
Yep, two months in and still enjoying every minute of being here at WA.Yesterday, I had my very first run in with spamming, lol! WHAT A MESS! If you ever have someone message you or email you saying you are spamming them, you're not, but something within your site might be!!! Who would have known?!?If this happens to you, let the person know you are contacting support here at WA, comfort their emotional needs with apologies, and if they request you to remove them from your subscribe list... do
Something that seemed to have taken me half a lifetime to find, had been under my nose for at least a couple of years. I've been a single parent for many years now, and even though it has hindered me at times, I've picked back up and moved on. When things are tough, I make it a habit to hand my problems to the Lord. Since being unemployed, we've struggled just like everyone else. We've had ups and downs, sad times and good times. But, I know a few things for certain...I have allowed myself the
I just want to say how exciting it is to be here in the WA Community! I have thoroughly been enjoying Level 1 of the course, and I'm super excited to become a premium member as soon as I can. I've been working on my very first, ever, site, and I am thrilled to be venturing out of my comfort zone, into a whole new world. It's better than a coaster ride, lol. What an "out of the box" experience this is!!!