The Wealthy Affiliate Journey

Last Update: March 27, 2018

Good Morning All,

Here I am a week or so into the training and on my way to marketing! I never would have thought this was possible.

I started a small business with my daughter making things and selling them locally in Feb. We only do word of mouth and social media marketing right now. We have made some sales and I have learned quite a bit about social media. For an older citizen I feel this was quite an accomplishment.

I was looking into all these different sites promoting affiliate marketing etc and decided I wanted to try my hand at it. Wealthy Affiliate popped up everywhere I looked. So many of the sites I went to seemed like scams or the "old" used car salesman type that I wasn't sure I really wanted to pursue it.

Since I kept seeing and reading positive things about WA, I came over to the website to check it out. I am glad I did.

I have since joined as a premium member. I have created a website, added widgets (I didn't even know what a widget was. LOL), I have posted content and learned about SEO. I even figured out how to add some affiliate links! Whew, I still have to pinch myself.

I decided to build my first site on reading and benefits of it as this has been a lifelong passion of mine and I knew it would be fairly easy to write about it.

I have also been able to take things I have learned here and apply to the small business we have. That's a bonus I wasn't counting on.

I hope to get some sort of ranking in google within the next three months. I have a goal to start another website. I don't know yet if that will be in three months or 6 months, but it will happen.

I love the training and the community of help and encouragement I have found here.



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elores Premium
Welcome to WA. I wish you all the best with your Business.
marmar463 Premium
Welcome to WA glad to have you here. Great post I enjoyed reading it. I am new here too. So I am still in the learning process myself. Best wishes in your endeavors with WA.

PattyK1 Premium
Thanks Mary.
merlynmac Premium
It's nice to see people applying what they learn hear and enjoy doing it. Just out of curiosity are does your site focus on specific categories (fiction, romance, etc.) or is it more general? Do you have a book club style setup with recommendations and reviews, etc? I just want to know a little more about what you're doing with your WA site.

Anyway don't stop....keep applying what you learn and not only can you build a source of income but you might even pick up some new friendships through engaging your visitors and commenting back and forth.
PattyK1 Premium
Right now I have been focusing on the importance of reading and how to make time to do it. I do want to get into reviews etc. I don't want to limit to one genre however.

I am super stoked. I was away from the computer for awhile and came back to learn I have been indexed in google!

I want to do cartwheels! Better not though LOL