Huge Traffic Spike In One Day?

Last Update: August 15, 2017

I just visited my Google Analytics page to see how many site visitors I received yesterday.

Much to my surprise it showed a huge traffic spike.

Normally I have very few visitors to my site, so to me even just a little incremental increase is a positive thing.

At first I was a little excited, as I thought okay maybe this stuff is starting to work.

After drilling down in the analytics a bit closer, most of the traffic came from one place.

As you can see from the overview above 67.65% came from Kharkiv in the Ukraine.

Given the location, could this be a site scraping bot that hit my site? Session duration was 0:00 and the bounce rate 100%.

Or no need to worry, business as usual.

Are there any experts out there that may have some insights into this?

Comments and speculation would also be welcome.


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RikaSF Premium
It happens to me too. I have a suspicion there are some bots at play:))
PatrickM1 Premium
Hi Rika - Thanks for the comment.

I performed a little research and Google Analytics has a check box to block all known bots.

I not sure what it does yet, but I'm investigating.

Apparently Google is on to some of these malicious bots and can block them if they know them.

To make things even more complicated, there are some good bots you don't want to block.

To be continued...
MKearns Premium
With caution if not bots worth packaging and replicating!
PatrickM1 Premium
Thanks Mike. Appreciate the comment.
sgregcrx Premium Plus
I have had similar on my site. I'm sure it was bots of some kind. Hopefully nothing to worry about....but certainly nothing to get excited about either.

Interested to hear from any experts though
PatrickM1 Premium
Shouldn't be a problem. Would also be interested to hear how others have dealt with this.