Never give up

Last Update: April 13, 2020

i tried many other courses and failed due to lack of info , outdated , or even you

had to spend an extra 400 hundred dollars to get one sentence. cough couch vick streizhues . sorry but his material that he is charging for and all his so called secrets i found everything online for free , everyone of them , and also tried john cestiani ,he too is another one that i spent an arm and a leg all he did the same ,

everyday i see new faces online succeeing and able to fire their boss , well i would like that too i want to walk in my place of work and tell them ,,sorry but im going to have to let YOU go, for many years i have tried so many platforms and failed like i mentioned it does get discouraging at times i do feel like quitting but theres this little naggin voice saying DONT I CAN FIND SOMETHING!! there will be something i can do it ,

at other times i believed that the internet is saturated and its hard , yes hard but its like regular work you have to work at it eventually it will come to you . like this awesome platform that i never knew that existed , and that right there just lit that spark ,this site has more information that i need to begin my journey in to affilliate marketng ,

i believe that i will now begin something , i believe now it is possible, everywhere i been no other toutorials no one that will help you out. i always had to fork out money to even get a sentance to complete that last sentance .

there is another reason why i wanted to see if i can do this online marketnig i said it another posting but ill say it again the more i say it , it motivates me to not stop this journey

ive worked for a company for many years ive worked hard all the time always tried to prove myself that im worthy to keep , that i can do the job and get it done right and quickly . well that doesnt work anymore im just a valuable asset , say that to yourself once valuable asset , i hate that word, im not a material im a human being but to the corporate america we are just assets ., we are just numbers . and even now i been diganosed with a really bad case of fibromyalgia , degenerative disk disease and two herniated disks and corpal tunnel and arthritus , and yet im replaceable to them ,

i work with very very negative entitled people and if you are a hard worker you are the outsider , infact they are hoping i crash and burn but thankfully i havent crashed and burned , i will admit there are a small group of people that are nice ,but there are way more people that hate us because we produce the most ,

so thats a small part of my life im sure there are people out there that have it much worse and i wish them the best im not going to stop and i hope all you dont, we all deserve and owe it to ourselves that if there is a chance we can be free and work for ourselves and not have to work for people that to them your just a number , then do it try it there are far more worse people out ther that are making millions doing bad things , so why cant we do something for us and our families , dont stop never give up, i dont like to here that life is short , i say to myself its going to be a long and wonderful journey and im am in it for the long haul

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Always keep moving forward--no matter how small the steps!
marcho88 Premium
Focus on the solution and you will succeed. :)
Carson2 Premium
Nice to hear your insights of the past. It's the real deal here.