New Year is Going By Fast - Focus on Your Priorities

Last Update: January 04, 2014

I can't believe we're half a week into the new year already! There's so much I plan to do in 2014, but I wish it would slow down a bit because 365 days just aren't enough.

Of course, that's a good reminder of why I have to identify and focus on my priorities. When you only have limited time, you have to "spend" your minutes, hours, and days wisely.

I focus on two things to set the right priorities: the highest payoff activities and the best investments for future payoffs. In the former category, I look at my current businesses to see where I made the most money last year. I know I can continue and build on my success if I put more effort into the profitable areas throughout 2014.

In the latter category, I won't see an immediate payoff, but I'll set myself up for future success. That's where Wealthy Affiliate fits in this year. There's so much learning to do, as well as work in creating and refining my websites. It will take a little while to get them to the profit level I want, but that's okay. The time I give to Wealthy Affiliate upfront will pay big dividends later.

I'm moving forward with those two categories of priorities in mind. It should set me up with a solid foundation in this rapidly moving year.

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Trialynn Premium
Absolutely on track!
LloydsAssoc Premium
Nice post Parkwriter, thanks for sharing.
yessharon Premium
Analyzing priorities is the best way to manage your time. Why waste time on things that do not even matter?
KrisM Premium
It sounds like you have your priorities straight. Thank you for sharing, I now need to rethink my own priorities and I think I have a better idea of how to proceed. Best of luck to you this year. ~Kris
KD6PAO Premium
Absolutely a solid foundation! You got it right...