Always be Appreciative

Last Update: May 04, 2016

There is nothing like a dose of reality to make you appreciative of what you have. I have to admit I have watched the many disasters that happen around the planet on the news, TV and internet with some of shock and sympathy. But there is a feeling of being separated from it.

But the disaster that has hit my province of Alberta, in the fires that have devastated the city of Fort McMurray have made me very thoughtful this evening. It's two sided. One has me thinking that my little business stresses are nothing. The other, that if I had got this done earlier I would have been able to help that community far more than I was able to do today.

Just something to add to my list of 'why's'.

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Ecowarrior Premium
Well said! there is so much heartache going on in the world at the moment, it certainly puts things in perspective, and as you say, appreciative of what you have! Thanks for the wake up call!
adaba063 Premium
Agreed, it is when disaster strikes that we get a real sense of how temporary our possessions are and how valuable our lives are

However, there is no need to ask why because it may be that this is preparing you to be in a position to help when you will be the only one who can

just a thought,
JoEllen Premium
I really loved this post - my host burnt down due to an electrical issue. This happened 3 days after we adopted my son so I can truly appreciate what you are saying. You live your life for today - you don't know what tomorrow brings. Thanks for this and God Blesd