Related Keywords - New SEO integration for Yoast users with SEMrush

Last Update: October 14, 2020

Hey WAnderful gals and guys!

Here is to share a tool that you can use within your SEO arsenal.

Yoast has released its latest update 15.1, and within the update there is a cool feature that allows you to find related keywords inside your WP block editor.

This feature works for free Yoast accounts as well.

To connect the feature you need to have a SEMrush account, there is a free 7-day trial without CC asked. You don't need to keep the service after unless you want, it is quite costly actually, but if you do not upgrade to a pay account, your free account still exists with lots of limitations.

Regardless it works for the purpose of using the related keywords feature with Yoast from your WP editor.

Step #1

From your WP Editor click on the yoast SEO assistant button, and type your focus keyphrase (The keyword you are intending your post to rank for). After that, click on the get related keyphrasses new button (this is the new integration, and the first time you will have to connect Yoast via OAuth to SEMrush).

As you can see my Yoast account is free one, says "Go Premium" below the image.

Step #2

Once you are connected simply adding a keyword and clicking on the related keyphrases button will give you lots of related keywords and their search volume and trend.

In this example I used the keyword "how to find keywords", then I click on the button I got the results.

The tool also allows you to filter searches by country and that is good for local businesses trying to rank locally.

I hope you find this post useful and if you do so, make sure to click on that like button and share with your related posts.

Have a great day/night, and thanks for reading.


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