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It is really important to understand that you have to stop worrying about what people think about you or your business. You are the one in control over your business, your future and your thoughts.No matter what we do, we people worry about what others might think of us. We score ourselves by comparing ourselves to others and we have to ask for approval for everything we do. Are we really worth nothing when everybody else says so? The only one you can measure against is yourself. People might f
Okay guys, I have had a pretty tough last Quarter. As you all might know I have gotten a normal job since June this year and have therefore been hard at work at a normal job. Outside of that I have gotten really busy with a lot of things. There has also been health issues, both for me and my wife, that has caused me to spend more time on real life vs my business sites here at WA. Health IssuesFirst I was hit with a BurnoutSecondary with Back-problems The back problem knocked me out of order for
November 16, 2018
Good day WA Members and fellow philosophers,I have been wondering about a statement today, that I wanted to share with you all. Don't bash me down straight away, for there is some humour to be seen in this statement as well. "The more we learn, the more we know; the more we know, the less there is to learn"I have no clue whether this statement is copyrighted or whether anyone else has ever come up with it. It was just something that I ran across this morning. I wondered:What if you would be abl
October 25, 2018
I currently feel burned out. I feel little to no inspiration to do anything. My writing for niches went down from having a blog for bootcamp and a blog for my cats niche, to only the cats niche. The cats niche in turn, went from writing 3 times a week to 2 times and afterwards it went down to 1 time a week. Two weeks ago I suddenly stopped writing alltogether.Now even the cats niche website hasn't been published for in about 2 weeks time. I feel embarrassed but in the same time I am still not p
WOW! Time sure flies! (or was it because my last report was only a week ago?).We got through September somehow and landed already in October. October is in full swing and we got some results to report on the past month and goals to set for the next. For September we had the following goals set:Cat Habits2 blogs a week, 1500 avg w.c.Write more product reviews and comparisonsStart writing an email sequenceMake an overview of what ranks and what doesn'tI did have some problems here and there follo
Ever since the stone age (probably even longer before that) we humans communicated with each other to exchange experiences, learn from each other and improve ourselves. From talking with the members or leaders of other "tribes" we gain value that we can use in our own survival. The idea of a community or meetup is that you can exchange these experiences and values between the members, instead of just listening to one person speaking towards an audience. The community members will get more value
Being completely consumed by the nice weather in the Summer as well as a new thing in my life, I totally "forgot" to produce status reports for the months May, June, July and August. There isn't much going on in the GGG courses section of BoTipton as far as I can tell. It doesn't matter, I have way too much to do anyway. I was on unemployment benefit for quite a while already so now I was offered a job recently and had to start working a normal worklife again. What a change that was!I am making
Not so long ago somewhere in the beginning of August there has been a Google Search Engine Update that has caused a lot of sites to gain or drop in rank in the search engines. My belief on this is though that those ranks will normalize themselves over some time. What are Google Search Engine Updates?Google updates their search engine in two ways. There are algorithm updates and Google Core Algorithm updates. The algorithm updates are minor changes to the way stuff is going to be ranked and sele
July 25, 2018
Hi guys,I thought I should tip you all on the Google Analytics Academy. It is a place where you can follow through a free course by Google on their Analytics platform. They have a beginner course and an advanced course for the more advanced user. I am currently going through them all and see if I can pick up anything new. I definitely want to work more with things like goal settings. I already learned new things, such as adding different views and copying filters between views. Interesting stuf
Maybe it is just me, but I feel that many of us are on holidays. It just feels silent. Maybe it is just because the weather in Europe is so extremely good. It is really hot, even in Norway. This picture was taken from a trip we made last weekend. This is a lake in the mountains of quite the size. Couple of kilometers in length. Even this huge lake has sunken by a meter and a half in height. That must be a lot of millions of liters of water if I am right. The draught is bad for the land here in