My first day to freedom- DAY 1

Last Update: August 12, 2015

So I started my first step to creating financial and personal freedom for myself and my family and hopefully my friends. I was a bit hesitant getting involved with another training programme and spend more money and yet to experience a cent coming back to me, despite all the promises that the money was going to be pouring in :)

I know it takes time, something most people are not prepared to allow, but I have decided to be patient and allow myself to learn as much as possible to achieve my goals.

I am blessed to still be currently employed which reduces the stress to earn quick and fast.

So here goes.....

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glodesigns Premium
Awesome and welcome to WA! You have the right attitude and from what I read here, WA's formula works! As you say it just takes time to cultivate. I have been here three weeks and getting my sites up and running.

Best of luck to you!