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Last Update: November 09, 2014

It's So Reflective!

I am currently working on an eCommerce jewelry website. The owner of the site is offering unique custom made jewelry and wants to showcase her jewelry with professional photography.

I've tried my hand at shooting some shots with mediocre results. Is there any way to produce sharp, crisp, zoomable images that look great with a pure white background?

Is there anyone in the WA community that has this experience and would like to offer suggestions to a non-experienced photographer? - Or - might possibly like to take on the project of shooting around 20-25 jewelry images? If you are experienced in this type of photography and are interested in doing a photo shoot of this type please PM me.

Have a great day : )
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oopsssidaisy Premium
Hi Marion,

Thanx for your reply.

I am in the state of Utah and have contacted a few photographers. Unfortunately, the photographers that I have found here do other types of photography and their samples of jewelry photography are no better than mine. Finding someone that can produce clean sharp photos of jewelry is quite challenging.

We would be willing to send the jewelry out to someone that has the talent and experience.

Have a great day : )
MarionBlack Premium
Where in the big wide world are you and the pieces of jewelry? If you need a photographer you would want someone local. ~Marion