Day Seven: First Week Success!

Last Update: May 8, 2022

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Hello dear readers, and welcome to day 7 of my accountability blog!

Today marks the first week of my goal of writing and posting 31 blogs to my new website. So how did I do? Success! It wasn't easy to go through the WA boot camp again and do the tasks while writing one quality blog a day, but I did it nonetheless. Moreover, I did it despite the issues I'm still having with my website.

Looking back through each blog post I added, I'm shocked to see how my writing improved. I managed to write a thousand words minimum, avoiding the common mistake of "Key Word Stuffing" which often ruins your ability to rank your content on google.

While I'm worried that my google page insight scores are not all in the green yet, I have a general idea of how I can improve them. Of course, I might have to reach out to the community here if I exhaust my options, but for now, I'm proud of what I accomplished this week, and I'm looking forward to writing my week two success post next week!

Week One DONE!

Until next time Digital Nomads!


Recent Comments


Sounds like your plan is working and you are moving right along, Kyle!

Well done!


Thanks Jeff! It’s very gratifying to see my shiny premium plus crown is being forged with every new blog post I write 😎 While it’s true that I can just buy it outright, I have to admit it’s tempting, but the truth is, I want to prove to myself that I can earn it by following the WA process. Now that I think about it, that’s a new goal I can add to my profile 🤔

I have a question for you though, as a premium plus member, do you find the the frequency of the premium classes a bit overwhelming at all?

I was thinking about that yesterday since I’m going through the WA boot camp once again and I said to myself that if I was brand new to WA I would probably exhaust myself trying to follow the main course and get my money’s worth by attending each class if I bought in as a premium plus member instead of my current membership. When I first started five years ago, the live classes were once a week which felt just right for me and I didn’t feel like I was missing out.

I don't feel that it is overwhelming, Kyle! I view the classes I wish to view, and the other, if I decide I need to view them! In my mind, it is better to have the resources and not need them, rather than need the resources and not have them, my friend!

The cost was relatively low since I bought Premium Plus when it was offered on a flash sale of $499 / yr. With inflation rampant right now, I felt it was time to lock something down from further price increases!


I couldn’t agree more, I was thinking I could do the same. I just don’t trust my “shiny object syndrome” when I’m learning a new skillset but that’s just me, haha.

I recall that flash sale! I actually signed up for it back in November of 2018, it was what compelled me to switch from the monthly to annual payment plan, but I think I followed the wrong link and followed up with support about it. I found the old email thread and it appears I didn’t follow up with support’s query that was almost five years ago 😯 oh well, that’ll teach me to stay engaged next time haha 😂

Thanks again for your input Jeff! There is a lot of value beyond the additional courses for sure such as the unlimited searches on Jaxxy and hosting for 50 websites.

Yes, indeed, Kyle! There is a wealth of teaching and information here, and I did not want to miss out, just in case there is a price increase in the future!

You'll make the decision when it is right for you, my friend!😎👍

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