Premium happened today.

Last Update: May 10, 2016

Today is Tuesday, May 10th 2016. A week ago I joined Weatlhy Affiliates. I enjoyed watching that countdown to the end of my free communication. I was definitely motivated to make the most of it while it was "free".

So I waited till I had about 4 hours left to upgrade to premium at the discounted 1st month rate. That's right, I'm now at the premium level - no looking back, looking forward to taking advantage of all the reseources - training, networking, dialogue, support -available in this awesome online community.

Today is Tuesday, May 10th 2016. In the NBA, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors earns Most Valuable Player award. His 2nd consecutive MVP, first in history to be unanimous vote! Out here in Oakland, the bay area? A very big deal.

Oh, did I mention I went premium a few hours ago?

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JudeP Premium
Well done, it's one of the best investments you will ever make :)
Omatz2 Premium
Thanks JudeP
LisaFranks Premium
Gratz on going premium. Great decision! Keep going, don't skip any of the training. You will make it. I will race you to the top :D
Omatz2 Premium
Thanks LisaFranks!
macclaren Premium
Congratulation on going Premium! It will be one of the BEST decision you ever made. I know it was for me when i go premium and i'm still excited till now. Equip yourself with all the training , resources and help you ever get from WA and start action on your activities. Success won't be fast ( You should know that by now ) but eventually you will get there once u are trained and practice properly. Persistance is the key for me. I hope it is same for you too.

Cya around!

Mike L
Omatz2 Premium
Thanks Mike