My progress so far at WA

Last Update: February 01, 2019

Satisfied with WA

Hi everyone. My name is Omar Vega from the Island of Puerto Rico and joined WA a few weeks with my recruiter Roope Kiuttu from Finland. So far I am very satisfied with everything that I have learned here. Everytime I have some situation that I can't understand I reach out for help and I always find it, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

My website is and it is in spanish. I made this website to educate people about all the resources that are available to learn the skills and mindset to be successful in anything that they want. At the same time I educate them, I refer them to products (mostly books) that can further their knowledge.

I also use it to encourage people to see my business opportunity in a MLM company and also now that Wealthy Affiliate oportunitty.

I have been fixing all my posts

Since I already had my blog before WA with 28 posts, I have been fixing the posts making them more organized and adding them links and better pictures. Also separating the paragraphs to make it more legible and adding more titles. It is a lot of work but I know it will pay off eventually.

I just have one sale- a plush figure! lol

So far I haven't sold any book that I refer to, but somebody bought a plush figure at amazon and have earnings of $0.36 ! (; . This not good money by any means, but it tells me that it is possible, if I did it once I will repeat and repeat and repeat!!!

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NidaV Premium
Good job. Keep on going!
OmarWA Premium
Thank you Nida!