How do I Easily find Niches and Write Effortless

Last Update: December 14, 2018

Writing content was an obstacle that I've found to be quite challenging. I'd tend to find myself dealing with "writer's block syndrome". Spending to much time analyzing every sentence in detail; making sure that I've used proper grammar and punctuation. Yet, without success on finishing a post/article.

After dealing with trying to be perfect, I want to emphasize what Kyle suggests in the training: "Don't worry about being a perfect writer, communicate with your audience as if you are speaking to a friend or loved one". And really, approaching it in that respect can really simplify content creation. It did for me.

("Grammar check " can do us a favor though "LOL").

How to choose a niche and create content in this simple way

Create niches from our own life experiences. Yes! In this training Kyle talks about how "anything can be profitable." I truly believe this—as long as you maintain genuine, help, and provide value.

Think about this: When your parents, siblings or someone who truly cares about you gives you emotionally resonates right? Because it's valid and genuine. Well, you can do the same with writing content.

Think of ways to help someone from your own experiences. Don't pay to much mind of what someone is going to think about what you have to say. Present valid emotions and information with intent, and people will engage.

Share your advice, place your solutions.

For example, we can teach things such as how to use particular tools and techniques around the house that we have knowledge about and enjoy. Or products that we use that help prevent our hair from falling off because we tested and used them. (Not that we enjoy our hair falling off.) Even our personal wardrobe style, etc. (According to WeAreSocial dot com, " The world's internet users have passed the 4 billion mark in 2018".) You get the point, people are searching.

We can create a niche from any of those experiences and find relevant keywords to write posts from different perspectives. This helps me go on-and-on writing about it because I know my story to well. Writing becomes effortless and really helps me dodge "writer's block".

We can write about things that interests us and have little knowledge about. But I'm sure that it is going to require some research, effort and overall a little more work and time. Some of us might not have the time to do that just yet.

You will win in the long run

Nobody is born running, and if we can write, we're already walking. The smaller little details will come in time as we keep doing it, and before you know it, we'll be running. We are all going to get better and we're going to be glad we got started.

I'm not perfect, far from it. But I find that in my little experience writing posts, has become fun and addictive, and I think it will for you. I mean don't you think it's pretty neat that we are able to share our stories with the world? I sure do think so.

You're going to contribute in making a change and impacting people's lives. In my opinion, that's BIG! Every good intent and hard work reaps great feelings and benefits.

Anyhow, I hope this can help you in some way if you're struggling like I was. I've had success going about it from this perspective, and has really helped me dig up ideas. I really hope that this can be a way to get you on your way faster if you are at some point stuck.

I'd like to know what works for you when starting a blog post? Do you encounter "writer's block"? How do you get around it? And do you enjoy writing them?

Thank you for reading, and hope it helps. Cheers!

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