2nd week

Last Update: April 17, 2016

I am still not a computer person. But.Iam coming along.

One peice of advise I would give is, if you don't understand something keep going back to tutorials. It might take alot of time but it makes more sense the second time around.

Wow, there are so many thoughtful people in my new community. Thank you for your kind wishes. My wish to everyone is that we reach for the stars and make our dreams reality.

Yesterday my eyes were opened really wide, I started bootcamp 2 and boom there is the answers that I have been searching for the last few days. Keep going with the training.

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JaniceNichol Premium
I like to ask questions here. I like this much better than the chat. I get so lost on the chat. Here you get the answers and it goes right to your email and connects to the answer. My suggestion to you is instead of trying to find the answer on your own, just ask here and somebody will help you with the answer. If you want to know where to find the answer in the tutorial, as that also. You'll get there.
Oma07 Premium
Thank you blubutterfly.
blubutterfly Premium
This is great news Oma, good for you, keep going!!! :)
caisaki Premium
I've been keen on asking so many questions at the live chat, it's been fun and the other members are so kind to answer :)
Oma07 Premium
Keep asking questions....remember no question is dumb unless you dont ask the question!!