I do not want to visit another HOSPITAL this year.

Last Update: August 15, 2017

With over $100,000.00 in hospital charges, this has been a bad year. Thank goodness we are rolling in cash so this is no issue. From planned to catastrophic, it at least has not been boring. My business kept right on running. I used my cell phone to communicate. But I am still the Happiest guy on the Internet. Cigna has spent a lot of money on me this year. But I am walking. Not in that wheelchair. Physically I am better than I have been in a while. Pretty good for a guy who should be dead

So aswe prepare for the big money time of year, we are firing off 2 new stores.

The sky is the limit.


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Paul1916 Premium
Hope your health is going well and you have no more hospital visits!
Swangirl Premium
I am glad you are doing better.