Great minds think differently

Last Update: Aug 13, 2017


The power of diversity trains each one of us to be strong and be able to adapt to our changing environment. Every one of us has a different learning styles and way of thinking. It is because of our differences that we get to discover our potentials and use such for us to succeed in all our endeavors. Diversity means different things to different people. The diversity of our way of thinking can play a very powerful role in the increase of our ideation and innovation particularly in a group or in a community. However, differences may create problems, confusions, and tensions within a group. But thinking differently will also result for people to pursue for better solutions. It is a fact that many people cannot handle tension and avoid it because it is easier and it is safer. A great thinker will be able to contain such tension and problem and be able to appreciate the value of having different perspectives.

Thinking alike most often creates problem especially in building a company. One problem is that thinking the same hinders growth and development of the business company. If people think alike, then the ideas that a person may come up with will be similar with others. Imagine all of your employees conform to the same ideas. It does not allow healthy competition among individuals.

Great minds do not think alike. We need different ideas with the growing needs or our society. We need to come up with different perspectives and different ways of solving every problem that our market needs. We need great minds to come up with the best ideas than the rest of us. People need to embrace competition. And to be able to succeed, build on a good background like having a well-grounded upbringing and be able to see things differently for the better and not for the worst. Be able to listen to others and be able to generate such ideas with a group for improvement.

Surrounding yourself with people who think alike may in some way be awesome because you may receive encouragement to be like them and you may be able to concentrate and focus more with the same ideas. However, like-mindedness is dangerous. Thinking alike makes you just stop there because it is very easy for you to accept something that is true enough to the people around you. It limits you to ask questions that will change the way you think. You eventually let the beliefs of the crowd or the group to lead and guide you. You will adapt to their mantras and viewpoints, theirs interests and hobbies which will take your sense of individuality.

Don’t just surround yourself with people who think alike. Do not lose yourself. Be smart and be creative. Be you and don’t let others dictate what you need to think and do. Avoid surrounding yourself with close-minded individuals. Allow others to question you and challenge your beliefs. Do not be afraid to try new and exciting ideas. Break free from the normal norms and allow yourself to grow as an individual.

Recent Comments


Yes, the extreme result of this is cults where all independent thinking is punished.

Leading up to that is religious extremism (which could be considered cult-like in many cases).

Leading up to that is dogmatic belief where people still function independently (have regular jobs etc.) but never challenge the dogma they are taught and feel the need to defend it.

Etc. etc. etc.

In the non-religious realm being a sheep simply means you will never achieve anything great or noteworthy or unique.

Very True.

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