On the road!

Last Update: April 29, 2019

Hi everyone,
From now on I'm a premium member as well.
I'm very curious and motivated what's coming ahead...

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LisaBrack Premium
Ok, very nice, but this is not a blog, this is a journal entry. If you go to the grey box, by the white WA logo, next door to your profile photo, and type in what is a blog, or how do I blog.

A blog should be about 800+ words long, some say 1000 and others say 1500.

Try to write about something specific, but know, going in, that all your content that you publish on the WA platform does not belong to you, it belongs to WA, because it is on their site.

So you want to practice here, writing a proper blog.

Nobody is interested in what happened to you yesterday or the cat died, nobody cares.

Blogs are about interesting topics and often offer people solutions to a problem that they have (see influencer marketing for more on this subject).

Finally, you are here to make money, you are not writing for free, so you have to learn how to get good at it, fast.

On the road again, or on the road is not going to cut it. You have to set the bar high going in, or why bother at all?

Just a thought.

Hope this helps.
DeniseAS Premium
Welcome to Premium, the way to move forward with this business. Keep on with your training and asking the community for help if ever you need it. Well done.