Starters nervousness

Last Update: July 26, 2016

As a first-timer into this world of online business, i can't but feel so shaky and nervous. I guess my blood pressure has been shooting up in the last couple of hours. I get sweaty even when the weather seems normal. Why all these feelings.

Its strange that i even felt so scared having to make my first payment . Was it a wise decision to sow in money when i have not started seeing results? My heart still pants and i take a big SIGH every 10 seconds. It seems as if i can't catch my own breath nevertheless, I'm still alive but nervous.

Hopefully, i draw courage from other success stories and hope for the best in this new community i found myself in.

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RosemaryL Premium
Many times I get those feelings when things are changing around me ...when I am venturing into something new. Unfamiliarity does bring a level of discomfort until you dive in and get going. Shut your mind off and dive in. :) Make sure you follow the instructions.
OAG Premium
Oh yes i will Shut my mind off and dive in. I;m being so positive about this whole thing. Thanks Rosemary
Belden Premium
I consider WA premium payments as a very little investment that goes a long way.
OAG Premium
Certainly, Little drops that make ocean. I am not regretting making that move