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Is this not like winning a lottery except that presently i have no physical cheque. Sure i feel like i am being introduced to the world as the latest website owner. How about being in Guinness book of record. Words cannot tell how i feel now. HAPPY, ELATED, ACHIEVED, ACCOMPLISHED( although i just started). I should get a trumpet and announce to anyone who cares to hear. At this point it has got no content but i feel full already. My heart is racing and i am ready to kick start.... no JUMP STA
July 26, 2016
As a first-timer into this world of online business, i can't but feel so shaky and nervous. I guess my blood pressure has been shooting up in the last couple of hours. I get sweaty even when the weather seems normal. Why all these feelings.Its strange that i even felt so scared having to make my first payment . Was it a wise decision to sow in money when i have not started seeing results? My heart still pants and i take a big SIGH every 10 seconds. It seems as if i can't catch my own breath nev