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Last Update: February 24, 2016

Have you seen the new form that describes Wealthy Affiliate's features and benefits? It compares the Starter and Premium Memberships like the old table you can find by clicking the airplane 300 tab at the top. It's been popping up for me intermittently as a WA Log in screen.

Here's the table you currently get when you click Banners under the airplane 300 tab:

Compare that with the new table I get as described above, and you quickly see that it is much improved:

Right away you can see that we are allowed to host up to 50 different websites with a Premium membership. It's been said here in the community many times this past year that the number is 25, not unlimited as the old banner indicates. Has anyone heard anything about this new table being "official"?

It's better than the existing banner, but still doesn't really tell the amazing truth about the Wealthy Affiliate training platform. It's kind of hard to summarize it all to an outsider looking in, but once on the inside it quickly becomes apparent that it far exceeds any thing else that is out there on the web.

> It starts with state of the art website security for all sites hosted at WA.

> Complete site backup every 24 hours for all sites, protecting against a site owners worst nightmare ... site crash.

> Premium membership includes unlimited searches using the WA Keyword Tool, which while not quite as powerful as Jaxxy works incredibly well for basic keyword research.

> Then there's the extraordinary features of our SiteRubix portal which almost defy complete description. It is the most technologically advanced website facility on the web and it's included with Premium membership.

> For example, this is our Site Feedback and Site Comment features. Feedback gives us valuable feedback from the community helping us improve and optimize our sites. Site comment gives us a tool for increasing "engagement" on our sites and, of course, Google loves engagement (visitor comments).

> Incredibly responsive website Tech Support for fixing site anomalies and problems.

> The most comprehensive and up to date Affiliate Marketing training on the web ... world class does not adequately describe it.

> The most supportive community of like minded folks providing almost instantaneous 1 on 1 coaching. As the new banner says ... It's More Than Anything Out There. It's Wealthy Affiliate. It's the most interactive, helpful, and engaging online business building platform in the world.

> And the best part is it just keeps getting better and better thanks to Kyle and Carson's commitment to continuous improvement. I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring.

This graphic graciously offered by gmegs tells the story:

And let me repeat ... it's only going to get better thanks to the vision and commitment to excellence of Kyle and Carson. This has been said many times here in the community, but let me say it yet again ... thank you guys for being who you are.

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whitsunday Premium
Thanks for that piece of news. Its important to keep the visuals fresh. Great graphics.
Lazyblogger Premium
Very nice.
Jozeph Premium
Really cool post Dennis, thanks so much for the share, brought a smile to my face.
I Love Joannes graphic, like how kind is that?
Have a good one my Friend
Have a great day my Friend
felixwebman Premium
Hi Dennis,

Your post serves as a good review and a great reminder. I really appreciate seeing everything lined up like this. This is excellent work. It's very cool that the organization that we're a part of has so much to offer. I'm in love with the people here that makeup this amazing network and I'm truly excited to be involved with something so special!

Thanks so much for taking the time to lay this out for us and remind everyone what we're a part of.
mijareze Premium
Thank you for the update...