How to be happy most of the times , living with purpose !

Last Update: October 05, 2020

The world we live in is just crazy and way too demanding , we are all full of aspirations and desires , chasing materialistic goals which will give us happiness and the excitement we are looking for .

Chasing materialistic goals is good , on achieving these goals you get sense of fulfilment and accomplishment.

We feel we are progressing and doing good in life , however the happiness we get from materialistic acquisition is very short lived , and fades away once the initial adrenaline is over .

This way of living gives you very short lived happiness and in the long run materialistic mindset will only give you pain and misery as you are enslaved by the system ( Banks , Emi , Debt )

This materialistic external environment keeps you in delusion and you keep going down the rabbit hole chasing happiness and excitement , only to find yourself in more pain and misery eventually .

Most of us are looking for happiness in the wrong place ( in your external environment ) whereas happiness can be only found in your internal world .

Some steps , you cld follow to find your bliss within you -

Learn Meditation , practice calmness and peace .. This will also help you get more intuitive .

Discover your purpose on this planet , why are you here . Why have God sent you here , attune to your innermost purpose .

Focus on this purpose , start living frugal don't over spend on things you don't really want in life .

Live for this purpose and start investing your resources to make it a reality .

Get your focus away from material goals and focus on spiritual goals , read books which will enlighten you with spiritual knowledge and give you clarity on what is the real purpose of life .

Practice being even minded , if you get your desired results , you will be happy and if you dent get them , you will still be happy .

When you get aligned to your larger purpose of life , everything else will start falling in place , your happiness will no longer be connected with external circumstances , as you chase your larger purpose , you will look for answers within .

Become king of your internal world first ,

Create peace , Happiness and Calmness every moment of your life , your inner most desires will start manifesting without u putting much effort , and you will no longer look for external circumstances to be happy .

Happiness will become your way of being and rest will just follow through ...

Wishing you all the happiness and success .

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YvonneBray Premium
Thank you for sharing your lovely post
GeoffreyC1 Premium
True, but it's hard to say no.
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We would agree materialism does not bring happiness. Real Happiness is internal.

I tike this statement; "When you get aligned to your larger purpose of life , everything else will start falling in place , your happiness will no longer be connected with external circumstances" It really happens this way.

Thanks for coming up with some real mind thinking blogs.
nthapar Premium
Thanks for your feedback chief ...