100 Tele Cold Calls a Day , 10 Meets a Week ! This Madness Ends Now

Last Update: May 16, 2020

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I have been marketing and selling my video production services for 15 years now , making over 100 cold calls a day on phone to setup pitch meetings .

I used to fix about 8 to 10 meets on these calls and it use to take me about 1 week to finish these meets , including all the travel time in mumbai avg about 90 mins to reach the meeting and 90 mins to come back .

Video production services was a real tuff sale , ticket size of 4 to 5 lacs per sale i use to close about 1 sale a week .

Each and Every week making hundreds of painful cold calls and then going to these meetings which required massive physical effort also wasting lot of time in travel time was a frustrating and depressing experience .

As a entrepreneur and marketer i felt what am i achieving after putting in so much effort , even after selling high ticket video production services every week , i was pretty much broke .

Reason - i was stuck to traditional marketing and never explored digital platforms out of fear of failure as lot of money will be invested and results will not be in my favor !

Until one day i decided to end this Pain & Frustration , after few days of research over internet i discovered Affiliate Marketing Business , which had the power to give me thousands of prospects all over the world and hundreds of sales within a day , that too just sitting on my computer sipping my Cappuccino .

Of-course nothing is easy , it took a lot of hard work to understand Affiliate Marketing Business , i have been working 14 hours a day to crack the blueprint of Successful Affiliate Marketing ,

Journey is on and there is long way to go for me to transform into internet entreprenuer , who is getting exponential results online .

I am committed to stop trading my time for money and setup high converting funnels online , which makes me money even when i am sleeping and on vacations .

I am targeting atleast 5000 USD in Passive income selling WA Membership by Jan 2021 , i look forward to your support in reaching this goal !

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All the Best.

Great post. Good luck 😊👍🏼

Thank you for the great post.
I wish you much success.


Welcome to WA!

What you have described is the "fast way to burnout" offline business model.
I am certain that building an online business will be a lot more efficient and effective for you.

Dive in.
Get acquainted.
Start the training.

Reach out whenever you need help.

Once you apply that work ethic, success WILL be yours!


Wow! You're clearly a hard worker. I hope the best for you in your endeavors. I'm sure you're work ethic will be a huge advantage.

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