My first website and blog post ever!

Last Update: April 19, 2018

Yeaaah. I created my first website and blog post, ever! It gives me the courage to revisit my two previous Word Press site and head to Site Manager. However, I will still need some assistance with the one in question here.

And about developing a niche, ... "All Things Better for Us Humans" seems to be the general area of interest for me and Bernice, starting with "All Foods Organic and Healthy Behavior/Lifestyles". Is that too wide of a niche?

Another area of interest for me personally is the existence all of the online marketing groups, including the not-so-tactful strategies they use (not WA!) to get you to buy (into) their systems. I will be interested in chronicling my short trip from interest in systems led by Realty Gurus, to Guarantors of $15 K incomes after so many weeks, and to detailed progress made here on WA by two 60-something years old retiring and retired individuals who are just trying to keep up with inflation and technology.

Any quick advice will be appreciated.

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janbey Premium
Hey there Ntam, congratulations on your first blog post. it made for interesting reading. I hope (I'm sure) you and Bernice will have a blast here at WA. Good luck and enjoy the ride -Age-
GailLowe Premium Plus
Welcome to WA and congratulations on your first site AND your first blog. It's an exciting feeling and I still have it after 7 months here.
I think you niche is a good one as long as it is something you are interested in and can write about. I wouldn't worry about your niche being too wide, because it is really the posts/blogs rather than the niche itself that really benefits from narrowing down, and you do that when you choose your key words. So for example, your niche could be organic foods and healthy lifestyles as you suggest, but then you would narrow down each post to something more specific - such as organic vegetables for spring cooking - or something like that. That way, you'll have lots of ideas and lots of things to write about.
I hope that makes sense.
My piece of advice is really to just follow the training and do all the steps needed. It's great training - it takes some time to go through, so don't panic. Just take your time and learn as much as you can but go at a pace that is comfortable for you.
You want to have fun as well right?
All the best. Gail
Ntam101 Premium
You are very appreciated, Gail.
Thank you in particular for the comments on the niche question and the need to go by the pace that is comfortable to me.
GailLowe Premium Plus
You're welcome. Just ask if you need any more help.