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Last Update: January 25, 2019

I was reading an article from one of our WA members on how to change the color in a heading. It was very informative. The only thing I didnt learn was the codes for all the HTML colors. So I did some research and came up with this website:

This website lets you choose your color from a color graphic and then gives you the code you need to insert into the CSS file (don't ask me anything about that cause I don't have a clue).

I thought it was a quick and easy way to choose what color you would like to use for headings or words in your posts. Now all I have to do is figure out all this CSS buisness!

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CandP Premium
Love colors! Thank you, Nancy!
C & P
lesabre Premium
Hi Nancy, Thank you for the share.
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Thank You so much for sharing this!!
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing, Nancy.