My WA review - 2 weeks here!

Last Update: April 16, 2020

How did I started?

Because of the well-known COVID-19, my job as an engineer was suspended. The company I was working for 1 year was forced to shut down its activity! It was awful, and I felt terrible, having a great site, being ahead of the schedule, I felt like my life is on top!!

So being at home, I started to search how I could make money online. I found out about affiliate marketing. Then I was researching what it means and how to do it, how do you earn your commissions, etc.

I finally found 2 training programs. WA and one if its big competitors. I chose WA because it was financially more affordable.


After I joined WA, I was in a point where I was on fire, I finished in the first day the training lessons available for the members. I wanted to do more, learn more, earn quick money!

I went Premium. Continue the training. Now I have finished Level 3, I am at lesson #7 Level 4.

I finally realized that is not gonna be a " get-rich-quick" business.

Website and content

created my website, initially throwing everything that had a good gravity on clickbank just like on a fish market! After I finished the first two lessons, I deleted all the content and reshaped into a health&fitness niche website.

I joined Amazon, Clickbank, and looking to join a couple of more affiliate programs.

WA achievements

I was pretty dedicated to WA, and offered a lot of reviews, site comments, I rank 70k within my first 2 weeks, and I feel that I had a good run! The site reviews helped me identify the things that were not working on my website. I feel that the WA community is helpful, and being active you have all the tools required to be successful, it's on you to weaponize it!!


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ElizabethRo2 Premium
Well done Norbert, you are on a roll, what an accomplishment! fantastic! you know your way well around within Wealthy Affiliate.
I am amazed.
To your continuous success.

NorbertM Premium
Thank you Elizabeth!!!