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Last Update: January 05, 2020


I'd really like to express my sincere apologies to everyone who was offended by my post last night. I certainly did not mean to make anyone uncomfortable. I'd never offend anyone intentionally, it's just not in my nature. I'm far from perfect, but I can certainly stand on the ground when it comes to offending people.


I'm quite disappointed at the people who were very rude to my posts. The reason why I didn't take down the post was because of those people. It's very unfortunate that I had to cry all night and skip dinner because of these people. I reflected back from the first day I join WA up until now. I had doubts about being here.


What are people like me? I ran through the comments, and found that some people were referring to me as 'people like her' always get away with everything. I had to ask myself in disappointment that why would WA community put me in a category.

One person said that I had been warned in one of my posts about rules. I had to go through hundreds of comments in all my post, and I did not find a thing! Why would you guys treat me like this? The way I was treated last night was as if I had murdered someone.


Wealthy Affiliate community has gave me the best support. Others even went as far as paying for my YEARLY membership. I've never seen such great people. Last night I had a few people private text me, to make sure that I was okay. Some were feeling sorry for me and apologizing for the way I've been treated.

I'm highly grateful for everyone who had a good professional way to tell me that my post was violating the rules. I'm grateful for everyone who DIDN'T EMBARRASS ME PUBLICLY. I'm grateful for the brave people who stood by my side on the comments section and had to stand up to those who were against me.


There's always a good way to tell someone that they've done wrong. We all come from different places, we're all different people. Where I come from we were taught from a young age to respect everyone of all colour, of all status, of all age, of all race. How you present yourself to the public says a lot about you as an individual, it says a lot about your environment.


As much as I've asked for forgiveness from this community, I want to tell everyone that has wronged me that I forgive them. As much as it hurts but I choose to be the bigger person. Which is the same reason why I didn't respond to those cruel comments, I chose to be the bigger person. I vibrate at a very high frequency, and going down to a low frequency was the last thing I needed. I will never entertain people who downgrade me publicly. I will never entertain people who find pleasure in seeing other people make mistakes.

I understand that we all go through hard times sometimes. Some of us are suffering from depression (I'm actually healing from it), some of us have experienced abuse (I've been a victim), some of us come from toxic families, there's a whole lot of stuff that we face. And sometimes a person can just lose it, at the wrong time and in the wrong place. It's okay. But what I refuse to do is watch or witness another person go through what I went through last night.


Leaving WA was the first thing that came into my mind. I didn't come here to make enemies. I didn't come here to have people treat me like I'M NOTHING. And I figured that I've achieved so much here. I've achieved a lot of things mentally, psychologically, physically and even spiritually. I've made good friends here. I've met people with the most kindest hearts. And I'm not going to give all that up. I'm not going to lose all the work I've put it. I've had sleepless nights, even skipped holiday time with my family to work through my website. Like I said, I've achieved way too much to let other people make me quit. And I will certainly never quit because of people. The only person who can kill my dreams is ME.


I think I've mentioned the reason above, but I'm going to say it again. I was going to remove the post, but because of the way that I've been treated I will NOT. If Kyle or Carson has to ban me, they have to ban the people who made me feel as if I wasn't even human. It's only fair. No one owns someone. If you see that you might be older, richer or even 'better' than me in any form, it's not a good thing to express that to me. I believe that what you give out will always come back to you. You embarrass someone publicly and make them cry, tomorrow you will be in the same spot.


So how will it work? I understand that it was wrong of me to mention Bible Verses in my post. But how will I not mention God? I mean, when I achieve the smallest of things, I always include in my blogs things like 'Thank You God' or 'the Universe has my back'. So when I've achieved something who should I thank? None of my posts has ever asked someone to convert, or let alone downgrade another person's belief. So here's what I think should happen.

I think if someone is offended by my posts they should UNFOLLOW me. If I hadn't paid for my yearly membership I would've left the platform ages ago. If someone is offended by my post THEY SHOULD VIEW OR READ THEM. And to clarify the wrong assumptions, I will never post something to attract ATTENTION AND TRAFFIC on my posts. I'm not that kind of person. I don't appreciate it if people speak about me as if they know me.

I hope we will never have to go through something like this again. To everyone who's feelings are hurt because of me, I AM DEEPLY SORRY. If you've been following some of my posts you will see that I've mentioned that my gift is to HEAL PEOPLE. I'm not perfect. But I've definitely learned from this mistake as well.

No love was lost. I'm sending good energies to everyone out there. I still love you Wealthy Affiliate Community. I still enjoy being here. I hope we'll all live in harmony and peace.

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In-Harmony Premium
I feel really upset reading this post from one of our WA member, knowing one has experienced bad treatment by their own fellows, deeply saddens me.

We’re a good community for this kind of behaviour. We are all thriving for success and we can only do this better by supporting one another, that’s what makes us unique from the rest.

Lest not spoil the vibes peep and continue in a positive manner.

Nobody is perfect we will all make mistakes from time to time, but I agree with Nomfundu that we can correct one another in a kinder and politer way.

Peace and Blessings

Salma@ in harmony
Nomfundo289 Premium
Hey Salma. I'm sorry for replying so late. Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I hope you're doing good, and safe from the current pandemic.

Stay blessed.
Talk2Ray Premium
I saw your post, while it did not offend me I probably should have said something to the effect that our blogs here should not be religious in nature. But it is in my nature to overlook things.
The intent is to foster community between people of many faiths. It is hard to do sometimes but it is for the best for the community.
Be at peace, keep your mind focused on your goals and just move ahead - We all make mistakes so don't beat yourself up.
Have a blessed week ahead and a successful new year.
Nomfundo289 Premium
Thank you so much. I made a mistake, and I have learned my lesson.

Stay blessed.
gnoose Premium
I had to go back and re-read your post, and then read it again. I found nothing wrong at all. I love the way you pour your heart into what you say and what you write. It takes guts to profess your faith and I stand along side you and support you. You are a beautiful person and soul and it would darken my day a little if you left us. Stay true to yourself and your faith. I taught my kids from an early age that if you do good things, good things will happen.

Much respect to you
Nomfundo289 Premium
I know it's quite late to reply, but I'm really grateful. Thanks for the support.
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Nomfundo,

That was a long post and I can see you put your heart in it.

You do realize that not only the WA community but also Google and the rest of the world reads your post?

I hope you can put this episode behind you and use your energy for your business. The socializing part of WA even if nice can be very time-consuming.

You said the only person who can kill my dreams is ME. So please, do not let that happen.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

MoodyC Premium
I read your post and I don't see what you did wrong. Your post reflects who you are and there is nothing wrong with that. As quiet as its keep God led me to WA just about when I was going to give up. Whether you think it was the universe or divine intervention there is nothing wrong with saying thank you! Continue to do you! The greater than you will take care of the rest.
Nomfundo289 Premium
Thank you so much MoodyC. I really appreciate your kind words. I had to reflect a lot on me as an individual. I had to question if I've been offending people all along- because I've done motivation for quite a long time. Thank you for standing by me.

God bless.
MoodyC Premium
Anytime! :-)