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Last Update: January 02, 2020

Hey Wealthy Affiliate Community.

I took a break today, to just have time to myself. I've been overwhelmed by everything lately. So as I was taking time to myself, I decided to read books. The books I'm reading are Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and the famous Secret

I've just got on to the WA website and found that my Wealthy Affiliate Rank is 1K! Yes! 1K. All just in a month of going premium. This gives me so much hope for what the future holds. Nothing can dim the vision I have for my future. I know for sure that God, the Angels and the Universe have my back. God is working in my favor. I can't even find the right words to express the level of gratitude in my heart. This week has just been so good!

How's your 2020 so far WA family? Do you guys have your vision board up in the wall? I'm still in the process of setting up mine. I hope you guys are good, and that you're safe with your families.

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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Nomfundo,

I read the Secret a long time ago. I usually have this board in my head but once upon a time, during quite a few years I did have a big board standing in my workroom.
Everything starts with being a thought, then we have to nurture it so it becomes real.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Ryan4488 Premium
"The Secret" is a "4 Star" book containing passages that I have read many time and it kept me going many times. I only knew of one Jack Canfield who appears in the book. Both Jack and Bob Proctor (who appears in "The Secret") have videos to see.

I discovered Robert Zink (Law of Attraction Solutions) and Rev. Ike either last year or before. Lenka and I have discussed Mr. Zink in the past and (to my surprise) she revealed a couple others to me.
Nomfundo289 Premium
Oh wow Ryan, that's really good! I'll sure check out the videos of Jack and Bob Proctor.

You seemed to have enough knowledge and experience about books, and I cannot wait to learn from you.

Stay blessed. Thanks a lot.
Ryan4488 Premium
Additional: More names have arrived: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Norman Vincent Peale and Tony Robbins, both have several books out. Mr. Peale became the first that I learned about.
Although I am new here, I am encouraged to note your forward movement, as I can see that you are making progress. That choice of Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad is quite helpful, as it was one of my eye-openers to a different world which I never knew of years ago. Although at the time, I didn't have the meens to implement some of his ideas, I imbibed the mentally of checking my place in the quadrants and seeking improvement. Keep up your good work.
Nomfundo289 Premium
Hey Lawofvictory. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. With that kind of knowledge from reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad, I have no doubt that you will definitely make it. God bless you.
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Taking a break can do wonders in the long term.
We all need to just sit back and take everything in.
Great book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, this book has been a number one seller in our bookstore for many years.
It is a book I recommend to everyone.
Have fun reading it and putting it into action.
All the best for 2020.
Darren :)
Nomfundo289 Premium
Thank you so much Darren. God bless you and your family.
RuthlynB Premium
I have been feeling overwhelmed myself, can't seem to focus I have taken off a couple of days but the feeling is still with me,

I am trying to work past these feelings and continue toward building a successful business.

Congratulations on your WA rank you are doing great, wishing you continued success.
Nomfundo289 Premium
Hey Ruthlyn. I hope you get the rest your body, mind and soul needs. Thank you so much. And all the best going forward.