Do NOT enter (for Ninjas ONLY) WA Savage Broadcast

Last Update: February 01, 2020

Haha! If you're here you have openly accepted this mission!

Do NOT enter (for Ninjas ONLY) is a blog just for those who are Wealthy Affiliate minded.

Paying it forward for those paying it forward is the mission of this campaign.

This is your last chance to back out, so if you haven't put forth and don't plan on it you can opt out now.

Yes, it is a quid pro quo underdog type of assignment, but won't take too much of your time.

The return on investment has worked for me.

Now that you're still reading, you have agreed by implication that you're willing, able and ready to embark on this next mission in your life.

Let me tell you a story, then I'll elaborate more with the assignment.

Fair warning, to read further and get credit for the task you must have completed the prerequisites.

1) You will need to have your niche narrowed down for best effects.

2) The completion of core courses within Wealthy Affiliate is needed: If you have a targeted niche, then the entrepreneur certification is required. If you plan to promote WA as an affiliate opportunity alone, then the boot camp is needed here.

3) If you have done these things, continue or if you have not, you can put this job on hold then come back to finalize an accomplishment. By the way, this is only for the online ninjas, so it is highly recommended to view coaching by Jay here to get the best results.

If you have made it through 1 to 3, welcome to a quick blog form invitation to accelerate your business. The return on investment is HUGE!

Now you will need to screen through your social media for the best proof of why you are a source people should trust.

Why they should want to know or like your brand enough to do business, and why they should fall in love to continue that relationship ongoing. The relationship is your shop.

When you spend the time to curate the relationship, then that shop can stay in business.

How do you curate content to do just such?

This Ninja trick is totally inspired by Jay Neill, our very own live coach who showcases weekly on building your online empire.

The plan and task is to pay it forward for my affiliates paying forward. Repeat after me: " I will pay it forward for my affiliates paying it forward. "

Once you completed that induction, find the strongest social proof of your online existence. This can be an online review from any social platform or business network. A most popular blog post even. It's okay if you asked for it, but mine just landed on an Alignable account.

But the whole enchilada is way better than just a piece.

It really means the whole enchilada when you pay forward.

So here goes a kickoff for the next checkoff in WA membership...

Don't forget to pay it forward for those affiliates paying it forward.

Who has been the best mentor, influencer or cheerleader for your brand?

Who inspires you?

What businesses have invested in your mission...

You know, your online reputation and people putting the good news out there for you is not always free or compensated.

In any regard, paying it forward can also be the best transition to a new campaign.

This just fell into my lap along with a trio of other work, including hope, grace and genesis (my keywords in 3 different opportunities.)

Now that I figured out a Ninjayish trick with help of patient encouragement from Paula on WA Livechat, something I actually purchased my very first domain with community credit from Wealthy Affiliate!

In your cart, you can choose a payment method, and use your Wealthy Affiliate community credit for purchasing a domain!

You know what this means, folks?

You can get your own internet real estate essentially free by providing site comments, blog feedback, welcoming your new members and in general paying it forward in this community.

Now then, if you have finished Jay's normal weekend coaching business homework:

...add this in for extra credit!

Take your community clout, using your best social proof- you can land and align a plan to excel. And use the power to pay it forward.

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JohnButton Premium
Thanks Becca for that helpful advice. What goes around comes around and yes... it's good to pay it forward!

Best, John
NnurseBecca Premium
You're very welcome, I agree with you. It took me a little bit to figure it out, but works just as fast as the visa or paypal options
NeilBrown Premium
Now that's a great way to pay for a domain name, thanks for sharing.
NnurseBecca Premium
Right!? Lol maybe it is a lucky domain...welcome of course
AlexEvans Premium
The opportunities abound, paying it forward, pays a huge indirect return on energy expended.
NnurseBecca Premium
I believe that is true, have a super Sunday
megawinner Premium
sounds with full confidence and authority. Great narrative to lead you up to the end. Refreshing! Yes, Yes! Cool!
NnurseBecca Premium
You are so kind, thank you for cheer and visiting me
megawinner Premium
As always, Rebecca! And welcome.

Thank you as well, my friend, for the good words.
gnoose Premium
Wonderful thoughts to end my day.

Thank you
NnurseBecca Premium
Welcome of course:):):)