It is a matter of time.

Last Update: September 26, 2015

It is too early to quit blogging.

Failing is something you and I doesn't want to hear.Rather we want to be successful and make money for ourselves.

With these expectations why then do only few bloggers succeed and bunch of newbie bloggers withdraw in just some weeks and months in their blogging career?

Are you into just get rich quick scheme blogging?I hope not.

The reason is failure.Does it mean famous bloggers DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES?They do and even the silliest ones you might think of but they learn from it and work tirelessly to improve upon it.

Newbie bloggers nowadays leave blogging when they see no progress in just some few weeks and months.Why?reasons known to them only.

With what I have observed,below are some few reasons why most new bloggers leave in no time.I would love to share with you.

They want quick results

There is no where in this world to get rich quickly.An advice that I was told when i was growing up.WHO CARES?

We cannot deny the fact that we are spending sleepless night on our website just to make money.Many of us here are into blogging for the sake of money and is definitely a good idea because a job well done deserve a reward.But if your expectation is to get rich quick then I am sorry you are destined to fail on the way.

Blogging is like entrepreneurship.You start with a blog with little or no capital and patiently learn the strategies to build a reputation.

The key ingredient is patient.

CAUTION:If you are one of the impatient ones,blogging might be tough for you.

Poor Foundation

I hope this definitely not a problem for WA members because we have a strong learning foundation.Blogging is all about learning and sharing with others.Interest is keen.Blog about your niche even if is not popular who knows?You might be the authority in that field.We can't predict the future.

Lack of time

The big boss is time management.Much depends on how you optimize it.Use social media only for promotion(WEALTHY AFFILIATE AND OTHERS) not for recreation purposes.I know how tiring it is to go strictly according to our time.So make a good schedule,follow it and do productive work in that time.

No strategy

You are the CEO and manager of your website.Most bloggers do not have strategy and what to achieve.Strategize to make your plan happens.

No writing skills

Content comes first,everything else second.It takes time to get good writing skills.Write quality content for your readers.

No consistency

Every task you do need consistency.By consistency,you ensure a continuous flow of content which is good for your readers and more.

At the end I hope this few information will help you along the way and prevent you from giving up in this online business.

And please continue to walk through the training by Kyle and Carson since there is no other way here except the walk-through training.

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JonG94 Premium
People do not understand their own situation fully. You need things to happen in order for you to realize something. Especially in life, you need to strive for it every day.. I have a tight circle of friends and believe or not family. They both will give me motivation in doing what we all want to do. Is to become successful in life. Be awesome, stay awesome!
nkay Premium
I think is hard time we strive hard towards our goals and aim than giving up.I do not know if is appropriate for me to say this but since we are a community I would like to say.Today is my 4th month at WA and so far so good.I have a well trusted site by google and has referred two people here.The amazing part is that I have just started lesson 4.There is something good here dude.
JonG94 Premium
Lets push together and never let anyone get in our way.