Time Flys When You're Having Fun!

Last Update: September 04, 2019

Wow, two years already! It seems like it was just yesterday that I've joined WA. Time flys when you're having fun!

Let me tell you what I've learned in two years. The first year I created a niche website, to talk about what I love to do.

Followed the certification training. Don't rush through it or else you'll miss something important. Even if you are already an advanced web designer and doing it just to check off the tasks, read it thoroughly.

Learned what plugins to use and not to by all the helpful mentors we have in WA.

I've enjoyed the live webinar with Jay every Friday night at 5 pm PST. When I am free. So much to learn from and be engaged.

If you are not a premium member join today to watch the live webinar with Jay!

Premium sign up!

The second-year I decided to create another website to promote WA. I started Bootcamp. I'm not done yet.

Then I was picked to be in the Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC 2019-1920.) Let me tell you it's a challenge.

It's motivation, inspiration, and it will be a great accomplishment when I complete it.

Guess what? I am doing this part-time. I've had even ranked up to the top 200.

So, if you are doing this full time, the possibility of you earning is huge.

What I Have Earned

I have earned the knowledge of creating a website from a newbie perspective from not knowing squat about affiliate marketing.

The tools that we use every day to accomplished trust and branding of our website.

Becoming a mentor for those who are a newbie after me.

I have earned badges of honor. With the accomplishments of just starting with my profile badge, (account set up) creating a website, becoming a premium member, completing the certification training, Google indexing my website, and ranking up.

There's more to earn still and I am working towards that.

You earn the respect of a hard-working individual who is trying to accomplish great things in life.

Here to many more of learning, earning, and having fun!

Let me know if you are still having fun. How long have you been here and what are your accomplishments?

Has it been a roller coaster journey? Mine has.

Where there times when you want to give up! Me too! And I'm still here.

Slow down and smell the coffee. Breathe and relax! It's not timed. It does take hard work and patience.

Thank you, WA for the knowledge I have gained!

Have a great morning!

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JKulk1 Premium
I've be n here over 14 months now and I love every minute of it. Jim
Nkaujzeb Premium
I'm glad to hear that Jim. 🙂
7revenues Premium
Inspiring, reassuring, encouraging. What else can i say.
One day it will be my turn.
Thanks for sharing this Kelyee.

Nkaujzeb Premium
You're welcome. Thanks for commenting. 🙂
Joes946 Premium
Tremendous accomplishments! Congrats and keep on learning and doing.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you! Thanks for the comment.
ElizabethRo2 Premium
Great accomplishment, hope one day I will give my testimony to my journey too here at WA.

Thanks for sharing,
Nkaujzeb Premium
You will. 😃
phakacha8 Premium
Congrats on your second anniversary.
A huge success awaits.

Continue enjoying the fun-ride.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Hey, thanks for the comment and thank you. Hope you are too! 😃
phakacha8 Premium
Yes, I mustn't deflect from it. I have to find it at all cost.
Appreciate your perseverance.