FINALLY started my website build! it's going to take a while

Last Update: September 23, 2018

Finally felt like I have enough content drafted to start the website build. Firstly it took me about an hour to choose the template!!!!!!! Going to take a while to learn my way around wordpress but once you know where things are it starts to make sense. Going to take a while to make the site look good - I have quite a bit of base content to include before I start blogging. BUT I am so glad I have made a start, it will get easier and now it's set up I can do a bit at a time. I can't believe I own my own .com! I feel a million miles from having a money earning business yet but it starts with the site so step by step.

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ButchChantle Premium
Give it all you got, keep at it and you will be amazed.
MKearns Premium
Keep at it Nina. You'll get there!
Paradise99 Premium
As long as your making progress no matter how small or big is a step closer to your goals. Congrats on your success
marycmiller Premium
Great job Nina, and great attitude, one step at a time. Congratulations on your first of many successes.
JackieSmith Premium
Congratulations Nina!
Sounds like you have a plan.

As time goes by, it does become much easier - you get into a rhythm and everything becomes second nature.

Wishing you success!