Scam or real deal?

Last Update: September 21, 2015

Sometimes surfing the internet for me is like a game of dodgeball - whilst simultaniously trying to balance on the surfboard AND juggling sticks of fire in the air.

And while sharks are circling around below...

Sometimes I feel like I have too many scruples and not enough hardcore business savvy and love of money to keep me going on this affiliate website marketing surfboard, and the circling sharks of mass consumerism are gonna swallow me any moment now.

And then spit me out...

For example: This is what I got in my inbox today - - is this for real, or is this not?

Anybody out there wanna be a life saver, and throw me an answer here?

PS: Thanx ;)

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RonAlderman Premium
I always go with if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Whenever a site says they are going to take down the video or something like that it is suspect.
Be you careful!!!!
I dont know, but do some alternate web searches.
jaydeb08 Premium
Its a scam buddy, stick to WA follow the training thats your best focus, it does take a few months to get it all happening but it will get better...cheers john
Nikodemis Premium
Thanx John!