Are u in it with heart and soul, or is just the money your goal?

Last Update: September 14, 2015

What are your goals? Are u passionate about your work? Is freedom your aim? What is freedom? What adds to your wealth, health and happiness?

I see a lot of websites here on WA purely dedicated to promoting WA and related money making programs. And I envy those who can think, dream, eat and act on the most direct ways to make money, 24/7. Call me a lost hippie, or maybe just an idealist, or even a tree hugger. But hey, I love nature and it loves me back.

I still believe that the best things in life come free...

Making money in today's world is without a doubt a priority for most of us. Survival of the me, survival of my family, and basically making ends meet beyond mere survival is a very admirable game of life.

But am I happy doing it? Does money make me happy? Is it possible to be happy WITHOUT money?

In fact, is Capitalism and the Great Consumerism that goes with it really the answer to all my problems? Does buying the latest gadget, or owning the flashiest car or wearing the wackiest new fashion label really what makes me happy?

And how long will that happiness last?

And how long will the Earth last?

Make responsible choices. Make lasting choices.

Choose - with your heart. Whatever that is.

I choose green. I choose lasting happiness. And making money with integrity...

What do you choose?

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JimPhelps Premium
The questions you ask are important. Each one of us must look into our souls and have an authentic answer. For me, every time I did something just for the money the results were mixed and any feelings of satisfaction were fleeting at best. My goal here is to build a brand (Blazing Mind) and help as many people as possible. When I'm successful at this, the money will flow and I'll also have the internal fulfillment necessary to keep the fires of passion burning.

Great post, Nik!
Nikodemis Premium
Thanx Jim, you really got the heart of the matter I wanted to get across here, thanx for going there with me...
JimPhelps Premium
You bet!
skipperjay Premium
That for me is the right attitude. Do not chase it - work diligently and it will come
PIOFJR Premium
Peace forever.
Perspective Premium
Integrity! Love it.