New Year, New You, New Massive Action

Last Update: February 08, 2020

It's another brand new year. In fact, it's already February 9th 2020.

It's a new decade, and it's time to take massive actions to bring you closer and closer to your goals, and ideally, to fully surpass what you desire to achieve.

Create a system of routines and habits that will get you there, day in, day out. For your online business, is it creating that 100 x 2000 word articles within the year? Then that's basically a 2000 word article every 3.6 days.

If you based on 52 weeks a year, that's "just" 2 x 2000 word articles a week. If you can do 3 good 2000 word articles 52 weeks a year, that's already 312000 words a year (3 articles x 52 weeks x 2000 words each).

Imagine how far you'll get in a year.

That being said, JUST do one project a time, not 10, unless you have a lot of resources, support and skill/experience in project management.

Do one thing damn well and profitable, then delegate/outsource BUT remain profitable, and do it infinity.

That's it. Then rinse and repeat.


In Dec 2019, I decided to move all my WordPress sites to Wealthy Affiliate, and shut down all the other webhost accounts I have. I have stopped dabbling (at least 95%) in all my "shiny object syndrome" projects, now whittling my online focus to "just" 3.

I've a full time job as a hand therapist and therapy business leader at Phoenix Rehab (Singapore) which takes up most of my time but is so so rewarding, so that limits my online ventures a little bit, but I'm not giving up.

If anything, I'm focusing and doubling down this year - I just hired a writer to outsource article writing for one of the online businesses that I'm working on. It costs money, but I have to focus and dedicate to get forward properly, rather than being all over the place.

Let's go for it together, to move closer to our dreams and success.

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Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Looks like you are making great progress, Nigel. Well done!
nigelchua Premium Plus
Thank you sir! It's a little progress...but I believe the progress will layer-upon-layer and become increasingly stronger and better! =)
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Yes, you are right. You build on top layer by layer...
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Nigel,

Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing your plan with us! With hardwork, focus and commitment, you will achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
nigelchua Premium Plus
Thank you so much! Yes, we will get there in less time than we set/or think, as long as we keep progressing and refining the process =)
NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome. Absolutely!