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Last Update: August 07, 2014

One of my most struggles while creating a website is to find appropriate images, which can be used without violating copyright. Most free images are released under Creative Common Licenses and require a source link/courtesy of the creator.

To credit the photographer isn't a problem at all, it's more the fact that it's hard to find any free images, especially for the make money online niche.

Royalty free images are another option, but they usually cost quite a bit money. But with the purchase you also purchase the right to not credit the photographer/author.

Another option and maybe the best one to be on the safe site when it comes to licenses and copyright, is to create your own images and modify them to your likings with Photoshop.

However, for my WA Affiliate website, I've been searching for good images and even tried to create my own. As I'm not the most skilled Photoshop user on Earth and wasn't willing to pay sometimes over $10 for one image, I came across Dollar Photo Club. They offer images for $1. I find this a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, they're still undergoing an Approval process and entries are limited.

I just got my application approved and as a new member, I have been granted the opportunity to invite 5 trusted people and those won't have to go through the Approval Process.

I'm using images from them on my WA Affiliate Website.

They have currently two memberships to offer.

Monthly Membership and Annual VIP Membership. See picture below for features of each membership.

Here's the URL. You can search for images without being a member. This will give you a first look at their collection (over 28 Million images as of today).

If anyone is interested in joining, I have 5 invites to give out. This way you won't have to go through the Approval process, but you'll still have to pay the fee for the membership you've chosen.

And no, I don't get paid any commission or using their Affiliate Program. I simply want to give out my granted invitations before they become invalid.

If you would like an invite, simply let me know in the comments below. I will give out the invitations to the first 5 people requesting one.

To our success,

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pahr53 Premium
Nicole, Thanks for the information! I would really love to join but right now I cannot afford it. Maybe later when I have started earning money on my website I can join at that time. Paula
NicoleJBN Premium
You're welcome and I totally understand your situation. I signed up for the $10/month membership and I only use the 10 free images you get every month. As cheap as $1 sounds for an image extra if you need more than 10/month, it can add up a lot.

I wish you continued success and if you decide to join one day, let me know, in case I have an invite left. :)

Take care,
JAY-B Premium
Hi Nicole,
Nice & informative post. I have many pictures on my site which I have to give credit to the phtographer & the site, so I hear what you're saying. I will keep "" in mind & may replace all my images later on.
Thanks... Jay Barnelli
NicoleJBN Premium
Thank you, Jay, and you're welcome. :)